As daily deals decline, DealsGoRound relaunches as MyCabbage

With daily deals in retreat, it’s forcing companies that have built up to serve that market to evolve. DealsGoRound, a secondary market for deals, is now relaunching as MyCabbage, a broader service for saving not just deals but gift cards and coupons.

Groupon is not a tech company. Why was it valued like one?

Groupon’s precipitous stock decline since its public offering in November 2011 has turned the local commerce company from a web hero to a piƱata. The problem is that of false expectations and lofty valuations from a company that was never really a tech-company.

NEA on energy tech: We’re in it for the long haul

While some venture capitalists are moving away from funding cleantech startups, NEA — one of the oldest and most established VC firms out there — plans to stay in energy tech investing for the long haul and will continue to invest in new energy innovators.

Attention: The social-web IPO window is now closed

A lot of hopes were riding on Facebook having a superstar IPO, including the hopes of venture investors that it would help trigger a wave of interest in other social-web companies, which could then also go public. But now those rosy assumptions are in question.

Thanks, Groupon: NEA closes monster $2.6B fund

Proving that the venture model is working for at least a few select brand name venture capitalists, NEA announced on Wednesday that it’s closed a massive $2.6 billion new fund. The firm describes the fund as “one of the largest venture funds ever raised.”