Five useful tips for group communication in iOS 7

You don’t always have to use a social media account to communicate to all of your friends and family. These iOS tips will have you sending group messages to a specific list of contacts in no time.

Fluid personal communication in the era of Facebook, Skype and Google+

Skype’s acquisition of GroupMe and Facebook’s Beluga-based Messenger are part of something much bigger than group text messaging: The landscape of personal online communication is changing. In the next generation of social media interaction, users will communicate in ways that mirror their real-life interactions.

Small wins beat stretch goals in collaborative projects

While there’s no single way to kick off a group in a collaborative process, the available research says you should start small with a specific, achievable goal, rather than trying to implement a full technology platform at the same time as you’re organizing the project.

Collaboration Tool MemberHub Updates to 2.0

MemberHub provides a place for group members to connect and communicate, as well as tools for managing those members. Its core features are focused on sharing information and working collaboratively within groups, whether working online or via email. Its new version improves tools for managing larger groups.