Facebook tests Wi-Fi calling, and voice app in Canada

Facebook is testing out Wi-Fi based calling in Canada with its latest update to its Messenger app. The calling is only avoidable for the iOS app, but both IOS and Android users still get the benefit of being able to record voice messages.

Skype adds XMPP support, IM interoperability next?

Skype quietly added some XMPP support to its most recentbeta last week. Adopting the open protocol helps Sype to integrate with Facebook, but it could also be used for interoperability with other IM platforms. Just don’t expect to call your Gtalk friends any time soon.

Vtok Google Video Chat App Now Optimized for the iPad 2

Mobile app maker SkyMobius has released a new version of its Vtok mobile video chat app that is optimized for the iPad 2. The new version of the iOS app will enable on-the-go iPad owners to video chat with their Google Talk friends.

Top 4 Ways to Cut Your Business Budget With VoIP

Vonage-logoWeb workers do pretty much everything else online, so why not use Internet phone service, too? Besides our natural technology addiction, there are actually compelling financial reasons for why using VoIP (voice over IP) services can be a good idea.
The cost savings can be significant over traditional landline phone services, depending on the needs of your business and whether you make a lot of long-distance or international calls. Here’s a look at the top four ways to cut your web worker budget by using a VoIP service.
Get a business phone number at a fraction of a landline’s cost. Using VoIP can save money on a business line in both service and installation costs. Service for a landline into my home office from our phone company would cost around $30 per month for local service, with long-distance calls additional. Read More about Top 4 Ways to Cut Your Business Budget With VoIP

Become a Mac Power User: System Preferences


The great thing about using Apple (s aapl) computers (loaded with OS X of course), is that some of the tasks that can be frustrating and difficult on another operating system are simple and possibly even fun. So assuming you’ve got a handle on using that Mac of yours, it’s probably time to step it up, and work even smarter with your Macintosh. Here are five System Preferences tips that should start you well on the road to becoming a Power User.

Spaces (look for: Exposé & Spaces)

spaces_iconExpand on the workspace available to you, and organize your work all at once. Spaces gives you multiple desktops (also known as ‘virtual desktops’) with which to group your open applications. Some people like to group by activity (work, play, etc) while others may group by application (internet, documents, graphics, etc), and still others may group by project (website, movie, photography). There’s no hard and fast rule that requires you to categorize in any of these ways (I don’t), so figure out what works best for you. Spaces can be configured via the System Preferences application, and you can assign hotkeys and edges of your screen for navigation between your desktops. Oh, and there’s even a twenty-thousand foot view, where you can see all desktops at once, complete with the open windows in each. Read More about Become a Mac Power User: System Preferences

Vid-Biz: Plex, Joost, China

Watch Hulu on Your TV through Plex; those bummed over Hulu’s departure from Boxee may want to try this other XBMC-based project. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Joost to Use Ooyala on Backend; video publishing service will provide ingestion, transcoding and metadata management tools to web TV site. (release) Liz broke this story last week.

China Central Television Launching Online TV Station; CCTV.com being created to compete with other video portals and help the government maintain control of the media. (Variety)

Microsoft Technology Stitches Together Mobile Video; from its research labs comes an ability to turn various mobile videos into one large panoramic video. (TechCrunch)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27D1Bheu06U&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1]

CBS Opening Up TV.com Internationally; it’s a small step, but audiences outside the U.S. will be able to watch clips of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Star Trek and 60 Minutes. (Contentinople)

GTalk Worm Traced Back to San Francisco Man; ViddyHo.com registration information lists Cam-Hoan Ton-That and HappyAppy, Inc. as registrants. (The Harvard Crimson)

Rumor: 17-inch MacBook Pro going unibody, no replaceable battery

cimg1074MacWorld is almost here and there are definitely less rumors flurrying about what Apple may do than usual.  One rumor emerging has to do with the refresh of the 17-inch MacBook Pro.  The biggest MacBook was the only model not refreshed last year and it’s no surprise that Apple is planning to go with the unibody of all the new MacBooks.  What is surprising is the rumor that has this model getting a non-replaceable battery a la the MacBook Air.

I can’t believe this is true as the only reason the Air has a fixed battery is due to lack of space.  That’s certainly not true of the big 17-incher so I can’t believe that Apple would take the ability to augment battery life away from the mobile worker by fixing the battery in place like the iPhone.  The rumor also states that Apple is going with a super new battery technology that will last much longer than those in the other MacBooks.  Even so I will only have one word for the fixed battery rumor should it come to pass:  FAIL.

(via 9to5mac)

Mundu Mobile IM Keeps Me Connected

Mundu IMWhen I am in my office I am connected to most everyone I need to work with through some sort of Instant Messaging service. I find it convenient to be able to stay connected and have quick discussions.
It is outside of the office where things can get a bit tricky. I’ve never really been a fan of text messaging on my mobile phone. While it can work well for an occasional status update or a quick message, using it as a conversational tool has never seemed all that efficient to me. And while IM on the mobile phone exists, the challenge is the same as on the desktop, maintaining multiple accounts and programs that work with the various services I need.
Enter Mundu IM – a cross platform messaging client that helps keeps me connected on my mobile device.
Read More about Mundu Mobile IM Keeps Me Connected

Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to Gmail & Google Talk

Yuuguu is a favorite amongst Web Worker Daily’s writers, with new features being added continuously to the popular screen-sharing service, largely driven by the real needs of its users.

Around a month ago the company added Linux and Flash clients, but I suggested that this perhaps needed to be enhanced with Yugma-style plugins for existing social networks.

Fortunately, Yuuguu’s been thinking ahead and at this week’s The Future of Web Apps in London, announced that Gmail and Google Talk users will be able to invoke Yuuguu screensharing sessions with existing contacts, rather than those within the Yuuguu client. Coupled with the earlier launch of a Flash-based viewer, this helps to broaden the usefulness of the service as its reach extends beyond previous technical barriers. Read More about Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to Gmail & Google Talk