Here’s your next task: Install Any.DO on your iPhone

It’s not often you hear this, but: One of the most elegant apps for Android is now available on iOS. The software is called Any.DO and it’s one of the best looking task managers I’ve used on any platform. It also arrives as a Chrome extension.

My Mac & iPhone GTD Philosophy: Less Is Perfect

This past weekend didn’t just mark the installation of my standing desk, or the moment I chose to wall-mount my life-size replica lightsaber; it also marked my return to using CulturedCode’s Things on the iPhone and Mac, and reminded me that sometimes less is perfect.

Working On What Counts

As things get busier and busier, it’s important to work on what counts within your business. If we’re smart, we do this early on, even before things get busy, but if you’re like me, you prefer learning things the hard way.

Compartmentalize and Get More Done

Recently, I was talking with a client about how to manage multiple, large-scale projects simultaneously, and still make progress on each of them. While it’s not an easy task, I’ve stumbled on a compartmentalization strategy strategy that is helping me do just that.

Monday Morning Productivity Jump Start

Mondays aren’t always the most productive days. Busy weekends leave us lagging, and it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to get things going, so here’s a quick “jump start” to kick off your week and get you moving closer to achieving your goals.

Teamly: Collaboration With Priorities

Most collaboration tools focus on assigning tasks to the people on your team who will get them done. Teamly takes a different approach, encouraging your team to look for the priorities in your project and exercise a little autonomy.

GQueues: A To-Do List App That Checks All the Boxes

You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, not another task management app to check out!” I’d normally agree with you on that, but GQueues is nicely designed, full-featured, intuitive in use and has some touches that make it stand out from the crowd.

Spring Clean Your Open Items

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to take on that honored tradition of spring cleaning. Yes, that means opening your desk drawers, confronting your supply closet and cleaning out your pencil cup.

Nozbe Integrates With Evernote

Nozbe, the online Getting Things Done (GTD)-based project management tool, announced integration with Evernote last week. This is yet another worthy third-party integration where a service benefits from the power and flexibility Evernote offers.