Vid-Biz: iPlayer, Guitar Hero, Atlanta Braves

Everything You Wanted to Know About the BBC iPlayer; the web TV service pushes out 12GB of data every second, and people are watching it on their iPhones when they go to bed; more facts in this in-depth story. (CNET U.K.)

Guitar Hero TV? Talks are underway to turn the popular music video game into a reality show. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Atlanta Braves Allow Fans to Create Content; organization partners with FanSection to let select fans create a series of web videos about the team. (MediaWeek)

Atom’s New Web Series Combines Puppets and Police; The Fuzz will also be adapted by Comedy Central into a pilot presentation for TV. (Broadcasting & Cable)

OpenDNS to Blame for Qwest Video Problems? The free service used to speed up downloads could be the culprit in choppy YouTube experiences. (Consumerist)

StupeFlix Uses APIs to Create Video; service can create videos out of pictures by editing XML. (TechCrunch Europe)

MPAA to Teachers: Don’t Rip DVDs, Video the Screen; instructional video shows educators how to camcord movies from a flat-screen monitor. (BoingBoing)

MPAA shows how to videorecord a TV set from timothy vollmer on Vimeo.

Adaptive Meter: Playing the Energy Conservation Game

Saving energy may not sound as fun as, say, stealing cars, shooting zombies or becoming a Guitar Hero. But Adaptive Meter, a startup that presented at our Green:Net conference last week, thinks it can make energy conservation an engaging game.

Courtesy of Adaptive Meter

Courtesy of Adaptive Meter

The company, which makes web applications such as Stickychicken and Twitterlike, is developing an interactive gaming platform in which players bet on others’ energy usage. The stock-market style game, called Lost Joules, will use smart-meter data from consenting players, and other participants — including those without smart meters — will be able to stake virtual cash on whether those players can reduce their energy use or not. Players will be able to trade virtual money for real rewards (and buy more virtual cash with real money), say co-founders Richard Dorsey and Danny Hu.
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