The social network where we’re all just a number

Do you ever wish you were just a number on a social network, and didn’t have to reveal your true identity to the people you chat with online? Meet Social Number, where all your social interactions can take place among numbers.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to teach Wall Street “the Hacker Way”

In Facebook’s IPO document filed Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg dedicated a significant portion of his letter to something a bit out of the ordinary: Teaching potential investors about “the Hacker Way” and dispelling the negative connotation the word “hacker” has gotten in the mainstream media.

After Chinese hacks, how do we secure the Internet of Things?

Reading about hackers hitting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I was struck by the hackers accessing a thermostat, and the tone of resignation around preventing such attacks. So how will we secure the Internet of things, and do we give up on perimeter-based security?

“Unusual” Character Hack May Put All iPhones in Peril


Cybersecurity researchers Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner claim they can bring down your iPhone by sending it just a single “unusual” character, according to Forbes, which first published news of the exploit earlier this week.

A single square character or a series of “invisible” messages can be used to confuse an iPhone, leaving it open to hackers. The exploit affects all models of iPhones, running all versions of the iPhone OS. The only way to protect the phone from attack is to shut it down. Read More about “Unusual” Character Hack May Put All iPhones in Peril