GoDaddy: ‘We weren’t attacked.’

Hosting giant GoDaddy has completed its investigation of Monday’s outage and deemed it was not the result of a DDoS attack as originally rumored, but rather the result of network failures within GoDaddy’s system. The outage crippled hundreds of thousands of web sites.

While hacktivism secures the web, SOPA could expose it

According to one expert, hacktivism gets a bad rap when it comes to web security, but those sites generate a lot of attack data to feed security systems. However, the proposed SOPA antipiracy legislation could end up playing right into hackers’ hands.

Anonymous retaliates against takedown

It didn’t take long for hacktivists to respond to the takedown of the popular video streaming portal Activists affiliated with Anonymous responded on Thursday with a denial-of-service attack against the web site of a rights holders group. Insiders meanwhile believe that will return soon.