Hadoop startup Hadapt pushing ‘schema-less SQL’

Hadapt, a startup that has been pushing SQL on Hadoop since 2011, is rolling out a new technology it calls “schema-less SQL.” Essentially, the SQL portion of Hadapt’s platform will automatically form columns from the keys of JSON and other data types, thus making the associated values queryable like values in a standard relational database. This sort of joint SQL-NoSQL support is likely to become a lot more normal for analytic databases. Curt Monash has a good technical breakdown of the new Hadapt feature.

The downside of Upstart: mentors come at a price

VC-backed Upstart aims to help smart college graduates fund the startups of their dreams in return for a slice of their future earnings. So what’s so wrong with that? Plenty, according to Daniel Abadi, chief scientist of Hadapt and associate professor at Yale.

Cloudera makes SQL a first-class citizen in Hadoop

Cloudera has joined the fray of Hadoop companies trying to turn the big data platform into an engine for exploring data interactively using standard SQL. As the biggest company in the space, its new technology called Impala could go a long way toward changing Hadoop’s image.

Hadapt hints at the future of Hadoop and BI

Hadoop startup Hadapt has made its unified Hadoop-and-SQL analytic architecture even easier by adding native advanced analytic functions and integrating tightly with Tableau’s powerful BI software. It’s a sign of things to come as Hadoop and traditional SQL-based BI become cozy across the board.

Calvin: A fast, cheap database that isn’t a database at all

Yale researchers Daniel Abadi and Alexander Thomson think they have developed the cure for Oracle and IBM dominance in the world of database performance, and it isn’t even technically a database. The two have created a system they think can level the playing field.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Hadoop features front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy, one of the biggest trends in IT. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

6 reasons why 2012 could be the year of Hadoop

Hadoop gets plenty of attention from investors and the IT press, but it’s very possible we haven’t seen anything yet. All the action of the last year has just been setting the stage for what should be a big year.

Hadapt raises $9.5M for Hadoop data warehouse

Cambridge, Mass.-based startup Hadapt closed a Series A funding round of $9.5 million for its Hadoop-based software that handles structured and unstructured data in a single system. Norwest Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners led the round, which comes about seven months after Hadapt’s launch.