How Social Media Creates a Rough Draft of History

Washington Post publisher Philip Graham called journalism the “first rough draft of history,” but as a new research paper from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism notes, that role is increasingly being played by social media such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook.

How Social Networks and Mobile Tech Helped in Haiti

A study that looked at the use of social media, text messaging, interactive maps and other online tools during the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake says they helped co-ordinate rescue efforts and aid, but that more work needs to be done to make them fully effective.

Zynga Gets Unfairly Slammed Over Haiti Donations

Zynga, maker of the popular Facebook social game Farmville, has been hit with criticism on Twitter and elsewhere over allegations that it only sent half the money it raised for Haiti to that country. Zynga says this is based on a misunderstanding about its Farmville campaign.

College Humor’s LOLaid Raises Funds For Haiti

White dude rap and prank war experts College Humor might not come immediately to mind when brainstorming altruism in the online video world. Yet today the comedy hub, using the Firstgiving fundraising service, launched LOLaid Haiti Relief, an online fundraiser benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

It’s a simple exchange: Fans give whatever amount they can to DWB’s efforts in Haiti following last month’s devastating earthquake, and in exchange for their donations, they’ll receive access to three new College Humor shorts: a Jake and Amir installment, a Hardly Working skit and a commercial parody shot in 2008 that was deemed too offensive for the official site. These videos, made exclusively for LOLaid, will never be uploaded to CH’s official site or YouTube, making a suggested $5 donation the only way to watch.

LOLaid is College Humor’s first charity project, though site staff had discussed similar initiatives in the past. “This was finally an opportunity for us to sit down and say ‘How are we going to do this?’,” editor Jeff Rubin said via phone. Read More about College Humor’s LOLaid Raises Funds For Haiti

Saving Your Life: There’s an App for That

Let’s face it, most iPhone apps probably won’t even get used more than once or twice, and even then, you won’t be using them for anything particularly important. But one app came in very handy for one very lucky iPhone owner. The phone and the app belonged to an aid worker trapped after the tragic January 12 earthquake in Haiti.

Max Woolley, a father working in the area with a humanitarian aid group prior to the disaster, was buried under rubble for about 60 hours after the earthquake struck. During the quake, Woolley received fairly serious injuries to both his head and his leg. Luckily, he also had an app that dealt specifically with how to treat and respond to such injuries. Read More about Saving Your Life: There’s an App for That