How do you solve a problem like Nokia?

With billions in losses coming each quarter, it feels as if Nokia’s living on borrowed time. While many people expect Microsoft to step in and purchase the struggling Finnish handset giant, that may be unlikely. So here are five ways it might turn things around.

‘Voices in your head’ audio tech appears in 1st Kyocera phones

Kyocera’s first previewed its new ceramic transducer audio technology last week, and now it’s already making it into its first phones. The two devices are for the Japanese market only, but Kyocera said that the technology would be available in U.S. phones within 6-12 months.

HTC rumored to have bought MOG

Mobile handset maker HTC has bought music subscription service MOG, according to a rumor reported by Business Insider. We haven’t been able to verify the rumor, but have also heard that term sheets have been going back and forth between the two companies.

HTC unlocks Androids even from AT&T and Verizon

Delivering on a promise, HTC is offering a software tool to unlock its Android devices that launched after Sept. 2011, allowing users to install custom software. The supported phone list doesn’t include AT&T or Verizon models, but the tool is working on some from these carriers.

Today in Mobile

Social networking continues to drive mobile data uptake, but a couple new posts illustrate underscore the importance of supporting a broad range of services. Om cites data from handset maker INQ Mobile that shows impressive uptake by INQ users of Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype, and notes that carriers have consistently failed to find audiences for their own branded services. Meanwhile, Dean Bubley debunks the viability of network-resident address books, questioning whether operators have a place at the center of users’ social networks. Carriers and OEMs, take note.