Ericsson CEO: We’re ready for the carrier Wi-Fi boom

Ericsson has fully integrated BelAir Networks’ high-powered Wi-Fi technology into its mobile networking gear. The first big evidence of that will appear in Q4 when its first commercial small cells go live.

Smartphones will be half of the total phones shipped in 2013: Ericsson CEO

MWC 2013 Barcelona Ericsson

“By the end of 2013, more than 50% of phone shipments will be smartphones, driven by more affordable models,” said Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg, who was speaking at a press conference at Mobile World Congress 2013 currently under progress in Barcelona. “As we have the internet in our pockets, our virtual and real worlds are coming together. Online interaction enriches our living, working and entertainment and breaks down barriers of time and place. By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile internet users than fixed internet users.”

Interview: Ericsson CEO on the role of Wi-Fi in mobile

While there is a groundswell of enthusiasm for Wi-Fi as a mobile data alternative to cellular, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg says there is a limit to what Wi-Fi can accomplish. Wi-Fi will have a role, but it will be one connection option among many.

GigaOm Interview: CEO Hans Vestberg on the future of Ericsson

You don’t make the decision to wind down a 130-year-old business without a little bit of angst, said Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, reflecting on his company’s decision to end a joint partnership with Sony last year in a GigaOM interview Tuesday.