SeaMicro’s new servers keep on coming

SeaMicro, a low-power server maker, has managed to increase the amount of computing power under its hood by 50 percent while decreasing the power consumption of its machines by a quarter. But perhaps most interesting, it has managed three new products in the last year.

How Zinio’s magazine app for Honeycomb just got better

When it comes to software for reading e-books or magazines, a better visual experience is key. Zinio’s magazine app today improves that experience, but the software itself isn’t the solution. Optimization with capable hardware makes the page turns and text zooming far more fluid than before.

HTML 5 video outperforms Flash on mobile devices

New benchmark tests confirm what we have long suspected: Flash video on mobile devices just doesn’t look as good as HTML5 video, especially when it comes to HD clips. Support for hardware acceleration could alleviate most of these issues, but not for every user.