paidContent turns 10: A brief history of digital media

Remember when Friendster was the hot social network, publishers doubted that ebooks would ever sell, and Netflix (s NFLX) thought DVDs in red envelopes was the future? We do — that was that state of digital media when paidContent launched in 2002.

How to make video Skype calls on HDTV with AirPlay Mirroring

The challenge is getting the best video quality possible, as well as making the call as convenient to manage as possible. And believe it or not, the trick is to use a smartphone car mount with a hand mirror. That’s right, a common household hand mirror.

Games for the weekend: Tank Riders

Tank Riders is a good cross between a maze, puzzle and third-person shooter game. Thanks to well-thought-out maps, Polarbit has done an amazing job at keeping the gameplay interesting enough in single-player mode, while also making multiplayer competitive and fun.

Why you’ll buy a new TV in the next 5 years

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how consumers will soon be buying more TVs, and upgrading them ever faster. After seeing the best that CE manufacturers had in store at CES, I’m even more convinced. But not for the reasons you might think.

CES Video: PC games on Transformer Prime with Tegra 3

I was playing the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video game today at CES; a game I play often at home on my Xbox 360 and large-screened HDTV. But I wasn’t playing on my Xbox. I was playing on an Nvidia Tegra 3 powered Android 4.0 tablet.

How Samsung plans to out-Kinect Microsoft

Samsung is putting some effort behind its smart TV lineup, with plans to add new functionality for consumers to interact with their TV screens. Its next-gen smart TVs will include voice, gesture and facial recognition features that will enable even smarter TV applications.

Vizio making PCs? Not as dumb as you think

With the industry in uproar and a good reputation in TVs, Vizio has picked a great (perhaps the greatest?) time in recent PC industry history to try to make its mark on the industry by taking an entertainment-focused, Windows-based approach to laptops and desktops.

The incredible shrinking TV replacement cycle

Those in the consumer electronics industry sometimes cite TV replacement cycles in the range of anywhere from six to eight years. But rapid adoption over the last five years suggests that low prices and new features are spurring consumers to replace their HDTV sets more often.