Analyst: Device and content choice key to Apple iTV success

As the rumor mill around the Apple smart television set kicks into overdrive, it only makes sense for analysts to chime in. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee added his thoughts in a note to clients issued Wednesday. Wu thinks content and hardware choice are key.

Get Netflix HD on a Galaxy Nexus and enjoy 720p vids

One of the biggest draws of the Galaxy Nexus is the 4.65-inch high-definition screen; literally a pocketable 720p HDTV display. But some video services still stream standard definition video. Here’s how to get HD video from Netflix on the Nexus and what it looks like.

3 ways to turn your Apple TV into a holiday decoration

The Apple TV can quickly be configured to turn any HDTV into a stunning holiday decoration, even without iTunes credentials. In addition to an HDTV and Apple TV, all you really need is connectivity to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and an HDMI cable

Verizon Droid Bionic launches Sept. 8, $299

Verizon’s newest LTE phone, the Droid Bionic, launches on Thursday for $299 with contract. Will Android enthusiasts pay the steep price? They might, based on the dual-core processor, high-resolution display, large amount of memory and 4G network support in addition to the laptop docking station.

Dear Google: The future of the living room is integrated

When it comes to Google TV, you have to wonder if Google went too big too soon. And while the company wasn’t wrong to try and own the TV interface, here are some lessons it should take into account as it fine tunes its platform.

What an Apple HDTV Would Need to Succeed

Apple is once again rumored to be creating an HDTV, which could launch by the end of this year. But to be successful, Apple will need industry buy-in to ensure that the new product provides more value than TVs already out on the market.

Vid-Biz: CBS, Vuguru, MGM HD

CBS Interactive Dumps Ad Networks; CBS will soon begin selling all inventory for, Gamespot, and CNET on its own, rather than use third-party ad networks. (AdAge)

Eisner’s Vuguru Hires Agility Studios’ Tanz As President; before running Agility, Tanz was president and CEO of LivePlanet, which he started with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. (paidContent)

MGM and BSkyB in Launch HD Movie Channel; MGM HD is a 50-50 joint venture between the movie studio and the broadcaster, and is the first branded channel for the studio in the UK (Broadband TV News)

Prices of Flat-Panel TVs Continue to Fall; the average price of a 32-inch LCD is $600, about half of what it was in 2006. (NY Times)

How Spike TV Is Driving Digital Revenue From the Video Game Awards; last year, 10 million people watched the awards, 2.3 million of them males 18-34. (paidContent)

Sonic Solutions Partners With verve-media for Interactive Video Commerce; will integrate the interactive commerce capabilities into its Roxio CinemaNow video service. (InteractiveTV Today)

TV Still Has a Hold on Teenagers; European teenagers spend an average of 10.3 hours a week watching television, compared with 9.1 hours on personal — rather than work- or school-related — use of the Internet. (NY Times)

Dumb Idea: Waking Up at 4 AM to Shop for Deals

My hunt for a cheap, 32″ LCD TV via one of Black Friday’s so-called “door-busting” sales is over. And it ended in frustration, anger and tears. OK, just anger and frustration.

Like many others this holiday season, I found myself in want of a new HDTV, and (foolishly) decided to try my hand at purchasing the heavily discounted Emerson 32″ LCD TV that was being used by Target (s TGT) and Wal-mart (s WMT) to get consumers into their stores. Both priced the TV below $250 (Target at $246, Wal-mart at $248), and both had “limited supplies.”

I should note that this was my first time pursuing “unbeatable prices” at a big-box store while so many other people were still sound asleep. Even though I knew the chances of acquiring one of these underpriced TVs was actually pretty low, I still woke up in the middle of the night and ventured out shopping.

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Does the New iMac Foretell the Next Apple TV?

new imacs

Apple’s (s aapl) brand new 27-inch iMacs come with an interesting feature: the ability to act as a display for connected devices via the built-in DisplayPort connection. This means that, with the proper adaptors, you can connect an array of home theatre devices to the iMac, including Blu-Ray players. The screen has also moved to the HDTV standard 16:9 ratio and it’s wall mountable. All of this makes me think one thing, my next HDTV may be an iMac.

The setup would be relatively straightforward. The new iMacs already come with wireless mouse and keyboard, so controlling it from your couch isn’t a problem. Add a tuner attachment from Elgato to get your cable on the iMac, as well as DVR capabilities. Plug in your Blu-Ray player via DisplayPort and then install any of the plethora of multimedia interfaces available for the Mac. My personal favorite is Boxee. Read More about Does the New iMac Foretell the Next Apple TV?