VideoSurf Launches Way Cool Visual Video Search

VideoSurf launches a video search engine today, something consumers haven’t shown much interest in. But the computer vision technology and interface for this one is great.

YouTube to Add “Hot Spot” Tracking

YouTube will add a new analytics service called Hot Spots this week or next, aimed to help video creators drill down into their videos to see what parts are most popular. As we understand it, the service would tell you things like when people drop off (a.k.a. your video is too long) and when people rewatch a certain portion over and over (a.k.a. you should have put that in slow-mo).

beeTV Takes Video Recommendations to the TV

Recommendation services, especially for online video, are a dime a dozen these days. But here’s one that’s a bit different: beeTV, which launched at DEMO today, is a content recommendation platform for TV operators that compiles a personalized channel of VOD content for each of that operator’s customers.

And hey, this is neat: The company’s tech team is led by Gavin Potter, who was recently profiled in Wired magazine for being “Just a guy in a garage” (his actual handle), albeit one who was kicking ass on the Netflix Prize (the DVD rental company’s open bounty to improve its recommendation system by 10 percent).

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Yahoo Gets a Boost From Ma Bell

Yahoo!’s oneSearch will provide Web services relating to topics including news, finance, weather and access to its Flickr photos. The deal replaces a 2001 agreement where Yahoo! split revenue with AT&T when its customers signed up for broadband computer Internet services.

Ashton Kutcher’s Web Video Show: Blah Girls

I’m at the TechCrunch50 conference right now, where Ashton Kutcher is presenting his web startup. Not only is this one a celebrity-driven startup, but it’s about celebrities. It’s an animated web video show with interactive elements called Blah Girls.

SOASTA Raises $6.4M to Test in the Cloud

Software testing provider SOASTAhas closed a $6.4 million Series B financing from Formative Ventures, Canaan Partners and The Entrepreneur’s Fund, bringing the total amount of money it’s raised to $10 million.