Yet Another Lawsuit Involving YouTube

GraphOn, a company that creates remote application access software has filed a lawsuit against Google claiming that a number of Google products including YouTube infringe on GraphOn’s patents.

Adobe Wants to Come in from the Cold

Though Adobe’s Flash player sits in nearly every browser and plays hundreds of millions of videos (and other things) per day, the company doesn’t charge for much of this incredible amount of usage. Now, leading up to the launch of its next platform, Apollo, Adobe is trying to wedge itself into a more lucrative position.
At its developers’ conference in Las Vegas last week, Adobe announced it would spend $100 million in venture funding on startups that use Adobe platforms, especially Apollo, the company’s new system for running applications written in Flash, HTML, and JavaScript from the desktop. The core idea is to marry the online and offline worlds, but the system is only out in preview now, so there aren’t exactly startups queued up for the cash.
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Singapore’s Unwired Dream

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the country’s “[email protected] initiative” this week, which is a plan to cover the island nation in wireless broadband by September 2007. The government will use 5,000 access points to provide almost complete coverage across the tiny country and will provide almost 10,000 computers to low-income students at a subsidized price.
The Prime Minister says the wireless project and computer program are aimed at preventing a digital divide from developing in Singaporean society. Though, it could probably help add to the country’s IT-based economy as well — South Korea managed to use government-sponsored wireless broadband to boost its economy in the IT sector over the past few years.
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jkOnTheRun reviews two Vaja cases for the Palm Treo 700w/p

Gadget cases are no doubt the most personal accessory one can purchase for that beloved device and the quest for the perfect case can be never-ending as a result.  Smartphone cases are especially personal as such a small device must meld perfectly with the case so the phone does not feel too bulky once safely ensconced in the case.  I have always found it difficult to find a good case for phones and especially so for the Palm Treo 700w since there are numerous controls situated all around the phone that I need to constantly access.  Finding the perfect case for the Treo was something I thought I’d never accomplish, until now.

Anyone who has used mobile devices for any length of time at all is no doubt familiar with Vaja cases.  The Argentinian case maker is renowned for their fine leather cases that are not only beautiful but extremely functional too.  The good folks at Vaja recently sent me a couple of cases for the Palm Treo 700w/p to evaluate and I have to tell you they don’t disappoint in the looks department.  Read on to see how they fared in the useful category.

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The FTTH Update & IPTV Numbers

Mark Sue, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets has put together a great overview of the state of the fiber to the home market, and has thrown in a nice update on the IPTV deployments as well. In his estimate, there are about 6 million fiber-connected homes worldwide, up 140% from last year, and a majority are in Japan. James Enck, who is in town for VoN explained that is because NTT has adopted a scorch earth philosophy and is using fiber to snuff out pesky upstarts like Softbank.
Most of the other deployments, however are in the early stages. In China, China Telecom and China Netcom are conducting FTTH trials while in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Broadband, a company I have written about in the past is passing through nearly 1/3 of total homes with fiber. Only telcos in the Scandinavian countries, as well as the Netherlands and Magnet Networks in Ireland are building-out large FTTH networks. Instead, we are seeing a lot more action from the municipalities which are sinking fiber in the ground.
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Craig Pringle makes a case for digital copies of books

Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle has written an excellent article that makes a case for digital versions of books. In An open letter to anyone who writes or publishes a book Craig explains why he prefers ebooks over paper versions and implores authors and publishers to consider offering digital versions of their work. I am a firm advocate of digital books and agree totally with Craig’s points. Excellent article and worth a read.

CES Day One- LID, Tablets running Vista

I spent a good deal of time at the Microsoft booth at CES yesterday and grabbed some photos of some very interesting things. There were not any new Tablets on display but there were several Tablet PCs running Vista on display. Here are some random pics:

Concept PC with a LID module for checking PIM data. Module detaches and goes with you.

Motion LS800 running Vista.

Fujitsu P1510D running Vista.

Fujitsu ST5000 slate and P1510D mini-Tablet PC.