Simplee’s payment portal for for health care gets boost from Medicare support

With a new integration that enables Simplee to support millions of Medicare beneficiaries, as well as other recent partnerships with healthcare companies, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based health tech startup is moving closer to its goal of being a comprehensive PayPal-like portal for out-of-pocket healthcare spending.

Your phone will soon be your new doctor

Soon, your phone will know more about your health history and fitness goals than your doctor does. And according RunKeeper founder Jason Jacobs, when this plays out at scale, it will change the dynamic between you, your doctor and the traditional healthcare system.

7 women-led health tech startups to watch

Women are underrepresented at the top of the health field, including in entrepreneurship. According to health startup accelerator Rock Health, the lion’s share of VC funding goes to startups founded or led by men. But several new women-led startups are emerging. Take a look.

Freelancers Union to expand health insurance offerings

Thanks to $340 million in no or low-cost loans authorized by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the Freelancers Union is expanding its health insurance offerings for independent workers, offering a new low-cost option to those in New York, New Jersey and Oregon.

Battling the dark side of coworking

Coworking and independent work may seem utopian as workers escape being chained to dreary cubicles, but exploitation of contractors is still a danger. Are coworking spaces inadvertently making it easier to establish asymmetric power relationships and, if so, what’s to be done about it?

Elance’s impressive growth: Good news for its US users?

The economy might not be booming but online labor platforms sure are. Last month, oDesk announced impressive growth and today rival Elance is doing the same. Elance says this is great news for US professionals who can export their services abroad. Is it really?

oDesk Staffing to Offer Benefits to Freelance Workers

oDesk, the online marketplace for freelancers, announced yesterday the creation of oDesk Staffing to help provide freelance workers access to employer-style benefits, including group health benefits. It will also manage contract employees for small firms, providing their benefits and handling their payroll and taxes.

Freelancers typically have difficulty securing access to a comparable range of benefits to what they’d have in an employment situation. This is especially true of health benefits, as I’ve written previously.

How is oDesk trying to fix this? oDesk Staffing extends its existing 1099 system by letting you elect to have a W-2 employed relationship status with the company. Read More about oDesk Staffing to Offer Benefits to Freelance Workers