Nokia shareholders approve sale of handset business to Microsoft, report says

Nokia(s nok)’s extraordinary general meeting, convened to discuss the takeover of the Finnish firm’s handset division by Microsoft(s msft), is still ongoing at the time of writing. However, The Financial Times reports that it’s a formality — 99.7 percent of shareholders who voted before the meeting (that’s 4 in 5) have already said yes to the $7.2 billion deal. The remaining bits of Nokia are nothing to be sneezed at: the Here location business, a division creating new advanced materials, sensors and so on, and of course the NSN networking business.

Nokia and SAP team up on TwoGo ride-sharing platform

TwoGo is a cloud-based service for companies that want to get their employees sharing cars to and from work. Nokia’s Here platform provides the location component, helping to match people with likely carpooling companions.

Nokia opens up Here platform with an eye to the future

Nokia’s mapping and location-based services suite will be available on multiple platforms and open to third-party developers. This gives the company an OS-independent platform to exploit, and a chance to make the most of smart glass.

Nokia’s Here mobile maps app arrives on iOS

Apple’s own Maps app has been heavily criticized, and Google does not yet have a Maps app for iOS ready, so Nokia’s timing in offering an alternative on the iOS platform is good as it tries to build up its user base.