2014: The year AT&T’s mobile network goes small

After a year of testing small cells in every way imaginable, AT&T is ready to begin its large-scale rollout of the technology. The tiny base stations will boost bandwidth in the high-demand places with surgical precision.

Ericsson CEO: We’re ready for the carrier Wi-Fi boom

Ericsson has fully integrated BelAir Networks’ high-powered Wi-Fi technology into its mobile networking gear. The first big evidence of that will appear in Q4 when its first commercial small cells go live.

AT&T’s LTE investments will go big by using small cells

AT&T will invest $14 billion in its networks as it tries to maximize the use of LTE in combination with small cells. By the end of 2014, the carrier expects to blanket 300 million people with this approach, which includes more than 1,000 distributed antenna systems.