IBM Jazz: Supporting communities, speeding development

The latest IBM CEO study reports, “More than 62% of development projects fail to meet the intended schedule and 30% of project costs are due to rework and poor execution of requirements.” IBM Jazz is working to address these problems through greater support of developer collaboration.

Ohio University Blocks Netflix, Backpedals

Are students watching so much Netflix that fellow class members don’t have any bandwidth left to study? Officials at Ohio University think so, and they briefly instituted a complete ban on all Netflix video streaming on their campus network this week.

Librarians to Colleges: Keep on Streaming

The Library Copyright Alliance has published a legal analysis (PDF) of the use of streaming video in higher education, and the bottom line could be good news for colleges: Teachers are allowed to use streaming videos as part of their courses without obtaining special licenses to do so, the analysis concludes after diving into details of copyright and education laws. The alliance, which counts the American Library Association as well as the Association of College & Research Libraries as its members, implores educators to “know and exercise their rights” in regards to online video use.

This position won’t likely go over well with publishers of educational videos, which have been stepping up their efforts to get universities to obtain special streaming licenses if they want to include videos on course web sites. The Association for Information and Media Equipment (AIME) threatened UCLA with a copyright lawsuit over video streams late last year, and the school responded by shutting down its online video platform.

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Universities Threatened Over Streaming of Educational Videos

UCLA students trying to catch up on classes online may feel like they’re missing out on something these days: The school in January instituted a ban on using videos as part of course web sites in response to threats of lawsuits by copyright holders. The move has provoked a wider debate about copyright and fair use in higher education, and some educators are so upset that they’re calling for a boycott of educational media publishers.

At the heart of the controversy is the Association for Information and Media Equipment (AIME), a trade group that represents some 16 publishers, including PBS and California Newsreel. AIME threatened UCLA with a lawsuit if it didn’t agree to put an end to the practice of distributing videos through course web sites without obtaining proper licenses to do so. AIME President Allen Dohra told NewTeeVee that her organization is undeterred by the backlash in the educational community, and that it plans approach other universities about this issue as well.

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