Realtime & the off switch

The internet is going to get a lot more real-time in 2013, and in years to come. And that means a constant stream of information and updates. Since the genie is out of the bottle, how about an off-switch for better realtime management?

A conversation with Highlight’s Paul Davison (video)

Highlight, a mobile app at the intersection of social media and location-aware technology, was one of the most talked-about apps at SXSW but has kept a low profile since. In this series of videos, Om Malik talks to CEO Paul Davison about the company.

Startups walk the line between serendipity and creepy

The app world is getting a reality check, thanks to apps like Girls Around Me, Placeme or even Highlight. In the past month one word has kept popping up to describe the current direction of social apps: creepy. Instead of SoLoMoCo, this one is an uh-oh.