With Social Media, fmyi Makes Enterprise Collaboration Pay

logo2Nike’s Shambhala initiative, which kicked off in 1999, aimed to transform Nike’s approach to social and environmental issues. A series of workshops brought together sustainability gurus, speakers and more than 50 managers from across Nike’s many divisions to discuss ways to push the envelope on internal and product-focused sustainability. The events were hugely successful, but the challenge, says Justin Yuen, a former intranet developer turned corporate social responsibility manager at Nike, was finding a way to keep that sense of community and engagement among individual participants after they returned to their teams.

Traditionally, employees had two methods of communicating with one another: email and the company intranet. The former, while dynamic enough to support actual work, lacked transparency, longevity and opportunities for collaboration. The intranet, on the other hand, was great for sharing static information across teams and individuals. Neither, however, reflected how people actually worked together. So in 2004, Yuen left his position in Nike’s corporate social responsibility team, and set out on his own to develop a product that could do better. The result was fmyi — as in, “for my information” — and it’s a rare success story in the web 2.0 landscape: a social-media-infused enterprise collaboration tool that’s been profitable since two years after its founding. Read More about With Social Media, fmyi Makes Enterprise Collaboration Pay

37signals Adds Deals Functionality to Highrise

Highrise Logo 37signals recently announced the addition of Deals functionality into their Highrise CRM product. Deals allow you to track your bids, proposals and sales opportunities with all of the Highrise goodness you would expect. Quickly assign them to clients, add files, and keep everyone updated on status. While they are not to the level of opportunity tracking in a Salesforce or full sales cycle product, they are well done and really quite useful for those who use Highrise in a sales arena. Their video explanation does a great job at highlighting the main features.
While I applaud them for the added functionality, I think the limitations they have placed on their use in some of their plans are a bit restrictive. For example, those on a standard $24/month 6 user Small Business plan only get the ability to track 5 open deals. It is true that only active deals count towards that figure, but 5 deals in a sales pipeline for a 6 user team isn’t likely to be sufficient. Want more? Pro and Plus plans give you unlimited Deals but start at double the monthly fee.
I certainly understand the tiered pricing model of web services but I don’t see the point of introducing such useful new functionality and then so severely limiting its usage. I do hope they reconsider and up that number so that even those with the mid-level accounts can benefit from them.
How do you track your deals?

Vid-Biz: NBC Stats, Hitwise, PBS

NBC to Release Show-Specific Streaming Stats through Nielsen; Peacock will become the first broadcast network to offer such data; first stats to be released in July. (AdWeek)

Hitwise: YouTube, PBS Up; new numbers show that YouTube has 75 percent of the online video visits, though visits to video sites overall dropped 9 percent year-over-year; and online video helped PBS beat out rivals to be the most-visited broadcast TV network site for the 2007 – 08 season. (YouTube: emailed release; PBS: (TVWeek)

60Frames Parters with Oni Press Comics; Ark and Mens With Guns will be both web series and comic books. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Is 56.com Finally Dead? Rumors abound that the Chinese government won’t let the video sharing site come back online. (Digital Watch)

Hulu Ads Cheaper than NBC.com Ads; Hulu reportedly charges $25 – $30 CPMs, while the network’s own site charges $35 or more. But Hulu won’t let you advertise on specific shows. (Silicon Alley Insider)

MySpace and NBC Looking for Citizen Journalists; winners of the video contest will get to cover one of the upcoming political conventions. (MediaWeek)

YouTube Expands Partner Program in Europe; French and German UGC’ers can now try to cash in on their Internet fame. (YouTube Blog)

BatchBook Adds BatchBox Email Forwarding

BatchBook LogoFor a lot of us, email is still the lifeblood of our communication so its integration with our other systems is critical. Earlier I reported on Mailmanagr and how it brings email integration to Basecamp. Today I get to report on BatchBook, my contact management app of choice, and the introduction of what they are calling BatchBox.

BatchBox is an email interface into BatchBook that will automatically store forwarded content as a communication entry attached to your contact, and even create a new contact if necessary. It even retains attachments. This sort of functionality has been present in other Contact Management apps so their implementation isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but its inclusion fills a gap in their feature set that makes an already useful service that much more so.

Read More about BatchBook Adds BatchBox Email Forwarding

37signals Introduces New Affiliate Program

logo-37signalsWeb Workers love to share their productivity secrets, and we can be quite evangelical about the tools that we use to manage our business. The folks over at 37signals have launched a new affiliate program for their Basecamp, Backpack and Highrise services that might be particularly appealing for someone who is already likely to be referring or recommending their services.

Unlike their previous program which gave you a one time credit applied to your account, this new plan pays you cash. You can get a one time bonus of 50% of sign up costs and then recurring revenues of 5% of future payments from people you refer. Lots of programs give you a sign up bonus but the recurring payment is a nice option and could really add up to significant sums.

They provide the standard links and graphics to help you promote and you can check your earnings in real time. Payments are made when you reach a $100 balance and are distributed through PayPal only. It is limited to the U.S. only for now. If you are already recommending their services, you can now get a couple of dollars in your pocket for your efforts.

ModBook- soon to leave vaporware status?

Modbook_2The dream of a Mac Tablet was fueled last year by the ModBook, essentially a MacBook that Axiotron converts into a Tablet PC.  They have been supposedly going to launch and ship for a year but every few months came up with excuses that prevented that from happening.  That may be about to change given an email I just received from The Other World Computing Team, the marketers for the ModBook:

Thank you for your patience regarding your order for the Modbook OS X
Tablet Solution. This e-mail is to inform you that the product is nearly
ready to ship and that new configuration options are now available. As
of the latest available information from Axiotron, we anticipate being
able to ship your Custom configured Modbook solution on or before
January 11th, 2008. On a first in, first out basis – Modbooks are
expected to begin shipping on or before January 8th, 2007.

As is our standard policy, we do not charge your credit card for an
order prior to it shipping. While your credit card will be authorized
when it goes into build, no charge will occur until the day it is shipped.

Before we can queue up your custom Modbook solution, you will need to
select from our new and updated offerings. To do so, please login with
your account information and order number at the following URL:

You may also use the above information to officially cancel your order
if that is your preference at this time.

Your order qualifies for the special ‘early bird’ discount. You will
receive an $80 discount your ModBook system(s). You need only select your
final system configuration and your order will be updated to reflect this
discount of $80 per Modbook in your basket.

In relationship to the system you previously selected, the following
changes have occurred:

**WAAS Enabled GPS (formally a $99 option) now STANDARD Built-In!**

Apple OS 10.5.x Leopard Included & Preinstalled (was 10.4 ‘Tiger’)

Memory options available up to 4.0GB (was 3.0GB)

Internal Hard Drive options available up to 570GB (was 500GB)

Standard Intel GMA X3100 Accelerated Video (was GMA 950 Video)

New top-end processor speed of 2.2GHz (was 2.16GHz)

Apple iLife ’08 Included and Preinstalled (was iLife ’07)

Although we cannot turn back the clock, the current system features and
options updates, as well as new lower pricing for various available
options, is reflective of updates possible as a result of this time. We
apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

The Other World Computing Team

Interestingly I have never ordered a ModBook so I don’t know where they got that idea but if this is accurate and they are about to start shipping that is great news.  Only a year late, too.  What’s funny is that the top configuration of the ModBook is still cheaper than the entry-level Dell XT Tablet PC.  🙂

First impressions of the Deepfish browser for Windows Mobile

We first told you about the new preview of an innovative new browser from Microsoft Labs called Deepfish a couple of weeks ago.  Deepfish uses a browser application and a server side service for presenting whole web pages in their native layout to Windows Mobile devices, even those with very small screens like the Dash that I am using.  I finally snagged a copy from the limited preview and have been using it for a few days and I have to say it really rocks on the Dash.  There is something very cool to see a huge web page like our front page on jkOnTheRun that pops up very quickly on the little Dash screen.  It’s a preview of the page but it quickly becomes intuitive to move the zoom box around to exactly where you want it, push the button on the D-pad, and see the window zoom in almost instantly.  You can scroll around while zoomed or you can zoom back out with one button and move the zoom box around again.  That’s what I like about using Deepfish, you can browse sites easily in a number of ways that fit what you’re trying to do.

I’ve encountered no problems with the program itself although sometimes the server will return an error when I guess the server is busy.  If I wait a few minutes and try again I can get through.  It’s a preview version so there’s not a lot of features built in, you can’t use your existing favorites in Mobile Internet Explorer for example, but the browsing experience is very nice.  I don’t have a good way to capture screens of Deepfish in action but since Josh Bancroft posted a video of it you can see it do its magic in the video.  I can’t wait to see this go gold with a rich feature set, this makes the browsing experience one of the best I’ve seen on the small screened Smartphone like the Dash.  On the latest MobileTechRoundup which should go live soon Matt Miller discusses how similar Deepfish is to the S60 browser on many Nokia phones and I’m really anxious to hear Matt’s thoughts when he gives Deepfish a try.

A Rocket in Your Pocket?

pocket rocketMemina (a Samsung spin-off) is all set to release a new 2GB POCKET ROCKET — a top-of-the-line USB Flash drive with up to 18 MB/s transfer rate, a “no-lose” swivel cap. That’s about twice as fast as a CD player, and can store one hour of uncompressed digital video. Or 500 songs, or in my case the Pink Floyd collection. Memina will launch a 4GB ROCKET drive in July which will transfer data at 30 MB/s transfer rate!