Tales from the Trenches: Harvest

Remote working is often about practicing what you preach. Got an outdoor adventure brand? No chaining your employees to their desks then. Built your company late at night? Forget the nine to five. But what if your company is all about tracking time? Harvest explains.

AppSumo Offers Discounted Bundle for “Lean Startups”

We’ve written before about software bundles, which have become increasingly popular. Similarly, AppSumo has put together a bundle of SaaS products that will appeal to “lean startups,” timed to coincide with the SxSW Interactive event that has just started in Austin, TX.

HipChat: Business-Oriented Group Chat

There are plenty of chat tools out there, but using one that is purely meant for internal business communication has its benefits — at least, your team won’t be distracted by friends and family. HipChat is a group chat tool built specifically with companies in mind.

HipChat: A Private IM Network for Your Team

Finding a good place to chat with your colleagues on the web can be tricky. HipChat provides an easy-to-use, private alternative to using IM networks for group chat and collaboration, with a few useful added extras, like file sharing and chat rooms, thrown into the mix.

HipChat Launches Corporate Chat Room Client

HipChat, a new self-funded startup from the folks who sold web calendar HipCal to Plaxo right out of college in 2006, is launching today an Adobe AIR corporate group chat client with features like one-to-one messaging, notification noises and file-sharing support.