Values Proposition

As a Founder or a CEO, your job is to build a company that creates sustained value for its employees, customers and stakeholders. Essential to this is defining and living by a set of core values. Why? Because core values breed competitive advantage and sustained value. How? Core values are the foundation of culture, behavioral norms, and decision making in the company. Strong cultures help recruiting and retention, in both good times and in bad. Shared behavioral norms lead to more efficient execution. A common decision making framework allows the company to decentralize and scale faster.

When I founded Adchemy in November 2004, I knew that a fundamental task would be to create a set of core values with my team that would be central to everything we do: They would govern how we work with each other; how we would deal with conflict; who we would recruit and promote; and how we would make investment decisions.
Adchemy’s six core values are:

  1. Play to win… as a team
  2. Dare to Simplify
  3. Be Long-Term Greedy
  4. Decide with Data
  5. Learn. Then Teach
  6. Never Compromise Integrity

In addition to quantifiable performance objectives, everyone at Adchemy is tasked to embody these values. Today i believe our culture is our most strategic asset. How did we establish this, and how do we keep it alive despite doubling our headcount year over year? Read More about Values Proposition

Mr. Coder, VMWare Wants Ya

[qi:010] Google, which has been battling Facebook for talent recently, is facing an attack from another source. VMWare, the server and PC virtualization company that went public this summer, is hiring all the engineers it can find. Ann Winblad, a general partner at venture capital firm Hummer Winblad, recently quipped:

“As much as we all love [VMWare CEO] Dianne Green, we have to figure out a way of stopping VMWare from hiring all the engineers in the Valley.”

VMWare (VMW), despite a recent slide in its stock price, has a hefty market cap of over $31 billion. Too bad they can’t virtualize the engineers! Who would you rather work for: Google, VMWare, Facebook — or someone else? (Take our poll below the fold.) Read More about Mr. Coder, VMWare Wants Ya