Smart grid VC funding has been “extremely weak”

Investments by venture capitalists into smart grid companies — or firms that are adding digital intelligence to the power grid — has remained “extremely weak” over at least the last three quarters, according to research firm the Mercom Capital Group.

Silver Spring Networks still chugging along

Despite that smart grid network company Silver Spring Networks has yet to go public, the company is chugging along and had a pretty good quarter, according to the latest amendment to its S-1.

Kurion acquires nuclear to glass cleanup tech

Kurion, a startup that has developed technology that cleans up nuclear waste and is one of the most successful cleantech firms you haven’t heard of, has been acquiring more cleanup tech.

Kurion dominates Fukushima radioactive water cleanup

Nuclear waste cleanup startup Kurion (which I once called the most successful greentech startup you haven’t heard of) says it’s responsible for removing 70 percent of the radioactivity from the waste water at the Fukushima nuclear plant after last year’s disaster.

Silver Spring raises $30M from Hitachi

While smart grid networking company Silver Spring Networks announced last week that it had partnered with Japanese giant Hitachi, more details of the financial deal are now public. According to a filing, Silver Spring has raised $30 million in an option and debt from Hitachi.

Startup Kurion says Japan nuclear water cleanup is working

In June, a group of tech companies, including Silicon Valley startup Kurion, started cleaning the contaminated water at the nuclear power plants in Japan. Now Kurion says that the efforts are working and that cesium levels in the water have dropped by more than 40 percent.

No easy road for mining rare earth elements

Japanese scientists have pinpointed large deposits of rare earth elements that are necessary for all sorts of cleantech gear. The discovery gives hopes that China’s chokehold on the rare earth supply could be over, but accessing those minerals will be difficult.