The NoSQL tapes and documenting a technical movement

Databases aren’t sexy. Except for possibly a brief moment in 2010 and perhaps a bit of 2011 when every reader of Hacker News was sharing his or her experience and every coder on GitHub wanted to know more. The NoSQL Tapes captures this moment.

How Facebook moved 30 petabytes of Hadoop data

For anyone who didn’t know, Facebook is a huge Hadoop user, and it does some very cool things to stretch the open source big data platform to meet Facebook’s unique needs. Today, it detailed how it migrated its 30-petabyte cluster from one data center to another.

Hadoop may be hot, but it needs to be useful

Hadoop is a very valuable tool, but it’s far from perfect. While Apache, Cloudera, EMC, MapR and Yahoo focus on core architectural issues, there is a group of vendors trying to make Hadoop a more-fulfilling experience by focusing on business-level concerns such as applications and utilization.

Can Yahoo, Cloudera and IBM Split the Hadoop Pot?

If Yahoo plans to spin off its white-hot Hadoop business, it would make Yahoo the third vendor operating alongside Cloudera and IBM — fighting for what, right now, are only speculative customer dollars. Would Yahoo’s spinout have what it takes to compete?