EnergyHub raises $14.5M to market energy management tools to consumers

Peddling home energy management gear and software successfully is harder than it seems, and big companies such as Microsoft and Cisco are ditching this market. EnergyHub is staying and on Thursday announced a $14.5 million round to help it sell products and services to consumers.

Why Internet companies are abandoning home energy plans

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Internet companies like Microsoft, Google and even router giant Cisco launched experimental software and hardware to help building managers and home owners monitor and control their energy consumption. But now these firms are abandoning those plans. Why?

Missing PowerMeter & Hohm? Here are 12 other home energy tool options

Internet giants Google and Microsoft have officially given their web-based energy management tools the Donald Trump (as in You’re Fired!), and lannounced that they would be closing them down. But there are still over a dozen options trying to tackle this difficult market.

5 reasons why Microsoft Hohm didn’t take off

They’re dropping like flies: the big Internet companies’ online energy tools. Last week, it was Google pulling the plug on PowerMeter, and this week, it’s RIP for Microsoft and its Hohm energy tool. Here’s my assessment of 5 reasons why Microsoft Hohm didn’t take off.

Microsoft kills energy tool Hohm, too

In the wake of Google pulling the plug on its energy tool PowerMeter, Microsoft says it has now killed its energy service, Hohm, too. Microsoft writes on its blog that it will discontinue its Hohm service starting on May 31, 2012.

OPower Ponders an Energy Device

OPower, the startup that gets homeowners to cut energy use with out in-home dashboards and gateways, is looking at home energy automation devices. What are the pros and cons of high-tech automation versus smart behavioral science?

REVIEW: Microsoft Hohm’s First Gadget

The first wireless and web-connected gadget for Microsoft-Hohm is now available in the form of an electric meter sensor, a wireless LCD monitor and a Wi-Fi adapter. With this combo, I’m able to track my electric usage, determine my home’s carbon footprint and get green recommendations.

Microsoft Launches First Gadget for Hohm

On Tuesday morning Microsoft is looking to kick its Hohm energy management and monitoring software aimed at consumers into a higher gear. It is announcing its first gadget partnership with Blue Line Innovations, a Canadian company that sells low cost gadgets for tracking electricity use.