Check out Nextdoor’s crowdsourced map for holiday lights

If you wanted to know where all the best holiday spots are in town, this might be your year. Social networking application Nextdoor has reached out to its users in 47,000 neighborhoods to map their cities’ best lights and attractions.

Nextdoor is an application where neighbors can connect to each other, share safety warnings, plan local events, and sell items ala Craigslist. It has grown in popularity in the United States, and using census data, the company estimates that one in four neighborhoods are on it.

The holiday map is a feature of the app. Little icons tell you where to find the best Christmas tree lots, best light displays, charity locations, Santa sightings, and holiday events. Find your neighborhood here.

Neighborhoods join the Nextdoor network when someone applies to draw their neighborhood boundary (and gets a handful of people to sign up with them). Some areas are far more active on Nextdoor than others, so the strength of your holiday cheer map might vary. Here’s a snapshot of San Francisco’s:

San Francisco's holiday cheer map on Nextdoor

San Francisco’s holiday cheer map on Nextdoor

Early signs point to a big holiday quarter for Apple

In an SEC filing, Verizon reported that it sold 9.8 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, which includes the all-important holiday season. The company specifically noted it saw a “higher mix of Apple smartphones” — similar to news from AT&T a day earlier.

AT&T’s Q4 will be a doozey thanks to the smartphone

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega predicts a record smartphone sales quarter over the holidays, beating even last year’s 9.4 million device sales. The conditions that made last year’s Q4 a success are in place, including the timely fall release of the iPhone.

3 apps to help you avoid a Thanksgiving dinner disaster

Your mobile phone or tablet can’t cook your Thanksgiving meal for you, but they can definitely get you out a jam if you cook yourself into a corner. Here are three apps that will make the ordeal of Thanksgiving dinner easier.

Is remote work making Americans’ vacation starvation worse?

A handful of new surveys reveal many Americans are planning to work through the holidays, increasing both their vacation starvation and the risk of burnout. The dreary economy can’t help, but are new ways of working, including remote teams and constant connectivity, partly to blame?

Strong Holiday Quarter Sales Estimates for Apple

Apple is expected to report very strong results at its quarterly conference call Jan. 18. Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore raised his initial estimates for Apple’s product sales during the company’s first quarter of its financial year, which includes December, based on retail channel checks.

A Web Worker’s December Twenty-Fourth

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and in my workspace,
The tech gear was taking breaks from the rat race.
The smartphones were plugged into USB,
And the laptops were waiting for “press any key.”
The servers were nestled with heads in the cloud,