The 3 Ghosts of Christmas Family “Techspertise”

If you are your family’s resident geek, you get a lot of tech-related questions. Embrace it, and learn to love it. Here are a selection of questions of holidays past, present, and future you either have already or will encounter.

A Handy List of Web Worker Holiday Excuses

Spending time with non-techie family members can cause some stress over the holidays for those of us who don’t want to completely disconnect from the Internet. Here are some handy excuses that you can use when you want to escape your family for a little work:

Welcome to the Holidays: Filled With Turkey and Email

Thanks to email and instant messaging and smartphones and iPads, virtually any time is work time — and that includes family-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving, according to a recent survey. Almost 60 percent of people said they checked their work mail while they were on holiday.

How to Avoid the After-holiday Slump

When I was still a student, I found it hard to get back on track with school after the holiday break ended.  Fortunately, I could also make up for late homework. But as a working professional, I no longer have that luxury — any delay or mistakes in my work  caused by a a holiday hangover may end up being costly.

The good news is that with a simple strategy in place, it won’t take much effort to return to your normal productivity level. Here are a few tips: Read More about How to Avoid the After-holiday Slump

How I’m Getting an Efficient Start on the New Year

The last week of the year is a great time to get organized. Chances are good that many of your coworkers and/or clients have the week off, so it should be a fairly quiet week for most of us. We could spend that extra time goofing off, or we could spend it getting our acts together to get 2010 off to a great start. Here are the steps that I’m taking, and while it’s not quite as extensive as Meryl’s list, it should be achievable this week and set me up well for 2010. Read More about How I’m Getting an Efficient Start on the New Year

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of all the team here at WebWorkerDaily, I’d like to wish those of you who celebrate it a very merry Christmas. And if today isn’t your holiday, I hope that you are relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family — even web workers deserve a day off occasionally.

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Giving Thanks to Clients

Don’t you love this time of the year? It’s a time when we go out of our way to help others. Tap our feet to joyous music. Guzzle peppermint-, gingerbread- or eggnog-flavored drinks. Then there are the smart businesses that add client appreciation to their holiday checklist.

Surveys from various industries repeatedly show that it’s cheaper to retain clients than to find new ones. One way to keep them is to let them know how much you value them. Since the beginning of my business, I do little things for my clients to show I think of them and appreciate them. You can do this without spending a lot, and some suggestions only cost a little bit of your time.

If you’re tired of pulling your hair out for ideas, here are some to inspire you: Read More about Giving Thanks to Clients

The Giving Spirit: Donate Your Time or Services this Holiday

The holidays are a time for giving. I remember when, during my days as an office worker, the Unicef box would travel between cubicles, or if the organization was larger, sometimes management would ask that a portion of your paycheck go to such-and-such charity.

When you’re working alone from home, opportunities to give back aren’t presented as often or as easily as they are in an office work environment. Read More about The Giving Spirit: Donate Your Time or Services this Holiday

Apple Announces Buy Online, Pickup In-Store


Seeking to better manage the holiday deluge of visitors to Apple (s aapl) retail outlets, the company is now offering customers the option of ordering online and picking up purchases at their local store.

According to the new webpage, you can reserve an item “online today and it will be waiting for you to pick up and purchase at an Apple Retail Store from December 15 to 24.”
Customers using the program are first asked to choose a retail store. The service is currently available in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. Choosing from iPods, iPhones, Mac laptops and desktops, but curiously not the Apple TV, customers then sign in with their Apple ID to reserve their purchase.
Unfortunately, customers must still pay at the brick-and-mortar store, so you won’t be able to completely escape the wait this holiday season. However, that’s still arguably better than having to spend all day at home waiting for a delivery. That benefit, plus the guarantee of an item being reserved, are the big advantages of the program. Plus, for an extra $5, those buying iPods and laptops can have their purchases wrapped in a “signature gift box.” Nothing says Merry Christmas like an Apple logo.

Apple Says “The Holiday Lineup is Set,” Nothing More, Nothing less

ref_phil_schillerSometimes, like today for instance, I think Apple’s (s aapl) PR department is given only one mandate: to confuse and titillate. Why today especially? They just contacted Gizmodo to notify them that while Gizmodo has Phil Schiller saying there won’t be any new Apple products this year…the actual quote is “the holiday lineup is set.”

So Apple seems to have gone out of its way to make sure that Giz doesn’t go around paraphrasing execs when the blog should be reporting exact quotes, even though Jesus Diaz, who penned the article, never claimed it was a direct quote in the first place. Weird? Yes. Cause for speculation? Yes.

The trouble started with a media briefing between Apple and Gizmodo Editorial Director Brian Lam about the recent introduction of the redesigned iMac, MacBook, and Magic Mouse. Jesus Diaz today posted an article on Giz in which he attempted to quell further product speculation about the holiday season by paraphrasing Schiller’s assertion that what we see now is what we get in terms of holiday offerings from Cupertino. Read More about Apple Says “The Holiday Lineup is Set,” Nothing More, Nothing less