Quantenna gets $79M to pursue multi-gigabit Wi-Fi dreams

Does the world need 2 Gbps Wi-Fi connections? Rusnano, Bright Capital and several other venture capital firms think it does. They have invested $79 million in Quantenna Communications to build the chips that will make such multi-gigabit wireless local area networks possible.

Service Providers Have Home Networking Hole to Fill

Service providers have a huge opportunity in front of them with home networks, according to a Forrester report out today — but they need to move quickly.┬áThe firm found that around 33 percent of U.S. households — or 39.3 million — have a home network, which they use to connect their devices and move digital content around. That’s up only 5 percent from last year, but the slow growth is something on which service providers can capitalize, as Forrester expects that 62.9 million U.S. households will have home networks by 2013. Victory, however, is by no means assured. Read More about Service Providers Have Home Networking Hole to Fill

Why the Home Network Needs More Than Just Wi-Fi

While the future make look bright for Wi-Fi, when it come to the next generation of home networking, it is not catch-all technology that some are making it out to be. Indeed, there are some areas of home networking that may not involve Wi-Fi at all.