Ubisoft Exec Thinks Apple Has Gaming Platform in Mind

Apple TVApple (s aapl) has made significant steps towards cornering the mobile gaming market (though that “premium” games section so far hasn’t come to pass), and both Sony (s sne) and Nintendo have likely been forced to re-examine their portable offerings in order to try to regain ground. I doubt either of those companies or Microsoft (s msft) would appreciate competition from Cupertino in the home console arena, but more and more industry insiders are coming forward with predictions that that’s exactly where Apple is headed.

According to Kotaku, Ubisoft (s ubi) CEO Yves Guillemot has predicted that Apple will not be satisfied with the small taste of the gaming market they’ve had with the iPhone and iPod touch. During Ubisoft’s fiscal year-end conference call early this week, Guillemot commented that “[T]here’s also a new entrant in the business. Apple, with the iPhone. And we don’t think they will stop there.” The CEO made the statement after discussing the gaming potential of set-top boxes, OnLive’s remote gaming system being the most highly publicized such device in recent memory. Read More about Ubisoft Exec Thinks Apple Has Gaming Platform in Mind

The Move: What I Did Right, and What I Did Wrong

Well, it happened. I moved, from one home/office to another, and it went pretty much as expected. Which is to say, it was a harrowing experience whose effects are still being felt, and will continue to be felt for at least another week or two, if not longer. I followed my own advice from my previous post, and I’m happy with the place I chose, but I learned a few more lessons about how complicated the moving process can be when your work is on the web.

Verizon to Sell 3G Hotspot From Novatel

You may remember that Novatel (s NVTL) MiFi 3G hot-spot gadget that appeared a little while ago. This little baby has an integrated 3G connection and WiFi router that lets you create your own little hotspot, a personal 3G cloud. Word has leaked out that Verizon (s VZ) is going to release their own branded version of the Novatel, which will bring some EVDO speed to the table.
This little 3G modem/ router is just the size of a credit card, so it takes no room at all in the gear bag. It’s rumored to run you $200 at Verizon but that will have to be confirmed at launch. We’ll see if Kevin can track this baby down at CTIA this week.
(Phonearena via engadget)

Web Work 101: Where to Work?

As web workers, we like to feel that we can sit down just about anywhere and be connected and productive. Armed with our laptops and Wi-Fi, or mobile broadband, that is usually the case.

But just because we can work anywhere, doesn’t mean that we should. Our work environment is a critical part of our work process and can have tremendous influence on our productivity.

So what are our options?

Saving the Earth, One Beautiful Documentary at a Time

Making documentaries about the earth’s fragility may have at one time been a unique idea. Al Gore needed only a dramatized slideshow, and we’ve all admired a crazy beautiful IMAX film or Planet Earth DVD set by this point.


That was made all the more clear at the TED Conference today, where two talks in succession both presented new fantastically beautiful documentaries. Even more of a coincidence, they were both made by French filmmakers. Though one is perhaps more interesting to the NewTeeVee audience, as it’s going to be released primarily online.

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My Web Working Resolution: Be More Green

green_bulb_cropI didn’t make many New Year’s resolutions this year. I cut out all those destined to fail, and instead focused on some that I have at least a little hope of achieving. A lot were work related, and one in particular applies primarily to web work. That resoultion? To be more green in my work practices.

It was something I hadn’t paid particular attention to since leaving an office setting. At my last corporate gig, I was instrumental is establishing a proper recycling program. It was easy because it was me vs. the corporate climate. At home, with no machine to rage against, I hadn’t even realized how much could be done.

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How Sony Can Boost PS3 Sales

As this holiday’s video game sales are tallied up, one thing is already clear: As an article in the Wall Street Journal notes, Sony’s (s sne) PlayStation 3 remains in a fairly distant third place, still eclipsed by Microsoft’s (s msft) Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. While it’s probably too drastic for Sony to walk away from the PS3, I definitely think they need some bold and creative changes to make their console competitive, namely to acquiesce to market realities while leveraging two underutilized assets. Here’s how: Read More about How Sony Can Boost PS3 Sales

Wanted: Virtualization Engineer, Referee Exp. Pref.

The virtualization of systems allows for efficient use of server resources and is clearly a trend that many enterprises are embracing. Systems engineers see virtualization as the next generation of tools that can help scale their servers, while network engineers see the virtualization trend headed in their direction as well. Unfortunately, it seems that server virtualization also helps foster trench warfare between the two.

I found myself witness to one small skirmish in this battle today, when I met with a startup looking for funding. The startup is building enterprise services, and for its next generation plans to make heavy use of XenSource’s XenMotion functionality to manage virtual machines on about 50 physical servers. This functionality, which is similar to that of VMware’s VMotion, promises to seamlessly move a virtual machine from one physical server to another. The startup’s service product could be running in one virtual machine on a server and if the server receives too much load or has a failure, the XenMotion functionality could move the virtual machine to another server without resulting in any downtime. For an enterprise services startup, avoiding downtime is a good idea.

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