Feature wars and computing shifts: Netbook vs. Tablet

Tablets began outselling netbooks earlier this year, but the small laptops still have their fans. One person created a list of 101 things a netbook can do and it’s a great read. But I’d argue that most consumers are moving away from such traditional computing activities.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus hits T-Mo with payment plan

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus launches with improvements and functions over the prior model, such as a faster dual-core processor and HSPA+ support. One other new feature: a monthly payment plan that lowers the up-front cost by adding $10 to the next 20 monthly bills.

Why the decline of the iPad is highly exaggerated

Yet another analyst report has joined the chorus of those claiming Apple will see its majority market share for tablet devices slide to less than a majority by 2014-2015. It’s quickly becoming a theme, but one which I find hard to back up in reality.

More CPUs won’t solve Android’s tablet problems

Asus is showing off the first Nvidia-powered quad-core tablet, which may intially run Google Android Honeycomb. I welcome advances in computer chips, but the time of “most powerful hardware” being best are long over. Today, top devices also require great apps and a solid user experience.

Netflix adds Android app support for Honeycomb tablets

Netflix has a new version of its Android app that adds support for Honeycomb tablets and expands availability beyond the U.S. The app is now available on the Android Market, expanding the number of devices its subscribers will be able to access it on.

IPads for €1: French students face tablet deal deluge

The tablet market is growing rapidly — but it could be getting even more of a boost thanks to the growing number of operator subsidies on offer. The latest? A series of cut-price deals aimed at France’s large student population.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus boasts Honeycomb, dual-core CPU

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, saying the 7-inch Android tablet will initially launch in Austria and Indonesia, but later expand to the U.S. and other regions. Some of the hardware upgrades appeal, but a key issue remains: selling tablets with lengthy contracts.

A first look at Google TV’s new apps

Google TV apps have started to pop up on the Android market, hinting at an imminent release of the Honeycomb-based next version of the smart TV platform. Wonder what those Google TV-specific apps look like? Then take a first look with our slide show.

Hoping to steal iPad sales, three new tablets debut

Big hardware vendors continue to fight Apple’s iPad for a piece of the tablet pie and the three newest entries debuted today at the IFA electronics show. Samsung went high-end in a small device, while Lenovo went low cost. Meanwhile, Toshiba slimmed its 10.1-inch Android tablet.