Sony Tablet P video: Finally a fresh tablet design!

With so many iPad lookalikes in the tablet market, it’s actually refreshing to see a new design. And the freshest of them all may be Sony’s new Tablet P with its dual screens in a folding clamshell case, which looks intriguing in this first look video.

$699 with contract? Good luck, HTC Jetstream tablet

AT&T’s first LTE tablet, the HTC Jetstream, sounds promising until you see the price of $699 with two-year contract. Yes, the slate supports AT&T’s upcoming LTE network, but the carrier should have learned a lesson from its rival Verizon: This price with contract doesn’t sell tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: a 7-inch, 720p tablet?

Samsung is expected to announced a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, at next month’s IFA event. The 7.7 could indicate the screen size, but perhaps not: Samsung is working on 7-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus screens, so this might be a 7-inch, high-definition slate.

Tablet timing: What the TouchPad says of the market

The demise of the HP TouchPad explains much about timing in the tablet market: Consumers won’t buy devices solely for their potential, at least not at full price. Tablet makers still playing catch-up to the iPad’s functions and features better be prepared for a long-term commitment.

Report: Tablet market to belong to iOS, Android through 2017

Thanks to content and applications, iOS and Android will remain at the top of the tablet heap until at least 2017, a new report claimed Monday. Trends indicate that iOS and Android tablet devices will make up 90 percent of the market six years from now.

Apple’s tablet rule more secure as HP drops webOS hardware

One of Apple’s tablet challengers, one that many initially thought might eventually become a force to be reckoned with, revealed Thursday that it would be leaving the field. HP will stop making webOS tablets or smartphones, which takes one potential iPad competitor out of the equation.

HP can already say “We’re number 2!” with TouchPad

The most appealing tablet these days is clearly Apple’s iPad, but HP’s TouchPad is a surprising second choice, beating out the many Google Android tablets and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook in a survey of potential tablet buyers. It may be too soon to call it the “OuchPad.”

Court allows Samsung Galaxy Tab to again sell in EU

A German court has temporarily lifted a restriction that was preventing Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold throughout most of Europe. The timing of this action coincides with news that Apple submitted inaccurate images of Samsung’s tablet, making it look more similar to Apple’s iPad.

Acer A100: Honeycomb may be better on 7-inch tablets

Acer’s new 7-inch Honeycomb tablet, the A100, launches today with a compelling $330 price tag. Helping to add appeal to the small slate is support for the compatibility zoom mode in Google Android 3.2 that better supports the many available smartphone apps on the small tablet.