Opower, the big data energy player to beat

Opower has quietly been amassing serious reach with utilities, including crunching energy data from 50 million households and plans to be able to save its customers 2 terawatt hours by the end of 2012.

Nest launches slimmer, smarter learning thermostat

The next-generation of the Nest learning thermostat is now on sale (and shipping in a few weeks). It’s got a slimmer design and smarter software to make it compatible with most homes in the U.S.

Apple starts selling the Nest smart thermostat

In a huge win for startup Nest, which makes a connected learning thermostat, Apple has now started selling the Nest thermostat through its online store. It could end up being the most important move ever for a next-generation digital thermostat.

Round 3 in the Honeywell vs. Nest fisticuffs

The bare-knuckle boxing match between thermostat giant Honeywell and smart thermostat startup Nest Labs entered round three on Monday, with Honeywell’s official denial of Nest’s counterclaim.

Nest taps Apple’s former patent chief to fight Honeywell lawsuit

If you were wondering if smart thermostat startup Nest was going to roll over to be squashed by the Honeywell thermostat gorilla, the answer is a resounding no. Nest announced has officially denied Honeywell’s patent infringement claims, and has brought on Apple’s former patent chief.

Today in Green IT: What’s the future of Zipcar?

Zipcar reported fourth quarter earnings this week and Wall Street was not happy (shares traded down an immediate 13 percent). Despite actually posting its second consecutive quarterly profit of $3.9 million, concerns are rising about revenue numbers, particularly in Europe.