NAB Roundup Day 1

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is holding its big trade show in Vegas this week, and I’m not sure there’s enough caffeine to help me keep up on all the news — but here’s a round-up, so far, from day one:

NAB president David Rehr kicked off his keynote with clips from YouTube, a far cry from last year, when the Internet was little more than a footnote. Lost Remote live blogged the speech.

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar will be delivering a keynote address on Wednesday, but he gave a preview of his TV 2.0-themed “Video When, Where and How You Want It” speech to TV And Signiant announced that its software is being used by Hulu to manage automated uploads from content providers.

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One-Net Open Source Software Ready For Wireless Home Automation

Just when you think you know all the flavors of home networking standards, along comes One-Net. Joining ZigBee, Z-Wave and Insteon, One-Net is another home automation standard for connecting your lights, security cameras and other home functions to one another. It, much like the existing standards, is unlikely to ever be widely adopted, but I applaud Threshold Corp. of Petaluma, Calif., for shaking things up a bit with its open-source platform to manage One-Net devices.

Threshold is the company behind One-Net, and has developed an open-source software to manage devices using the standard, to which chip companies including Texas Instruments and Freescale are building chips. The idea is to sell a One-Net router that will then communicate with a wide array of other devices such as security cameras, motion detectors and light dimmers. Read More about One-Net Open Source Software Ready For Wireless Home Automation

Goodbye Sally, hello C70

I am sad to report that Sally and I are no longer an item.  As happens in many relationships, Sally has recently been requiring more and more of my attention and the only thing that made her happy was to throw ever increasing amounts of money her way.  So we parted as friends and it’s no surprise it didn’t take me long to find another to make my days a bit brighter.


This is my 2001 Volvo C70 convertible that I picked up through a really good deal.  I have long admired the C70 convertibles and now I have discovered first-hand why that longing has been justified.  The C70 has a 2.3L 5 cylinder high-pressure turbo charged engine that delivers 26 mpg highway while pouring out a respectable  236 HP.  It rides like a dream and is in very good shape, inside and out.  Raising and lowering the top stops passersby every time as it is quite a show the way the top cover opens up to capture the lowering top and vice versa.  Overall a very pleasant driving experience.

I will miss Sally but have a feeling I’m going to really love the Volvo.  🙂  More snaps after the jump.

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FTC Wants in on Net Neutrality Fight

Bell and cable companies have long wanted to move on from net neutrality, their 2006 policy debacle. But once Washington has grabbed hold of an issue, it can’t seem to let it go.

I’m not talking about the Federal Communication Commission here. The big Bell companies currently hold sway at the communications agency. No one expects the FCC to take action on neutrality against the Bells, who reject neutrality because, they say, the Internet shouldn’t be regulated.

What I’m referring to is the action happening at another F*C-ing agency: The Federal Trade Commission. The FTC usually gets press for investigating gasoline, drug or tobacco companies. But every decade or so, the FTC also makes a bid for jurisdiction over the Internet.

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Introducing, Broadband letter from India

You can get as much information about the Chinese telecom boom as you want, but world’s second hottest market is going unnoticed and as a result, I am introducing a new once-a-week column by Dr. Abhishek Puri, who will send us the buzz about broadband from India.

Cheap Phones: You can buy a used handset for between $22-and-$30 and color mobile for $40-60. Motorola along with Hutch has started selling a $23 mobile phone. Basic, cheap and effective marketing.

DSL ramps up: DSL is growing in india too but computer penetration is laughable. In February 2005 BSNL started its DSL service. Last week I talked to a divisonal engineer from BSNL. Tariffs likely to go down in July and the company will be soon offering TV-on-DSL starting with 20 channels from state owned TV networks, Doordarshan. A lot of the ISP’s (in Bangalore) are now haemorraging customers to BSNL. I switched from Airtel (Bharti) to BSNL last month.

More BSNL: It currently offers upto 1 MP/s for home users and 2 MB/s for business users now. From July, it will gradually go up to 8mbits (I’m guessing this will only be for business users). He said that BSNL is waiting and watching the market. Frankly, it was time broadband really came to india. After 2.5 years of heavy competition, mobile phone call charges in India are pretty much among the cheapest in the world. The same thing should happen for the broadband market.

Computer prices to decline: Tax cuts will help in bringing down computer prices. Government is slashing taxed on computers from 12% to 4%. It might encourage people to buy computers but the lack of infrastructure is a problem.

ABC Nightline piece on Ireland

Nightline ran a great story last night that was right on time for St. Patrick’s Day today.  Certainly that was no coincidence.  The show was a great one that chronicled how Ireland has gone from a country in great turmoil 30 years ago to the Ireland it is today that was recently named the best place in the world to live by The Economist Magazine.  Over the years I have worked with many good people who were forced to leave Ireland due to the many troubles in their homeland and it was wonderful to see how things have improved to the point that many Irish have returned home to a great life.  The show demonstrated how immigrants are flocking to Ireland as there are far more jobs than workers to fill them.  They even visited Google’s headquarters in Ireland where they run their operation for all of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Great story and I felt it worth sharing this St. Patrick’s Day.  Have a nice enjoyable and safe holiday today.