Nancy’s Plans for 2010: A Year of Projects

A while back I wrote that I don’t believe in resolutions. But I did suggest that the new year was a good time to evaluate your goals, especially business ones. Events the past few months have made it an especially good idea for me to do that this year, so I decided I’d join other members of the WebWorkerDaily staff in sharing them.


I accumulated a lot of new gear in 2009, but that doesn’t stop me from still having some gear goals for 2010. One of those goals I already fulfilled by purchasing a Canon 270ex flash for my Canon XS last week. I can now avoid the recurring expense of renting a 430ex ii when I attend trade shows, and the 270 will do the job with less weight to carry.

Like Simon, I’m looking forward to an upgrade to my iPhone 3G (s aapl) when I’m eligible this summer, right after the traditional new model rollout time. I’ve also been shopping for EVDO card options after our Christmas week Internet outage (and another one caused by our cold snap this week in Florida) made me realize I needed a better Internet access back-up plan. So far, I’m leaning toward a MiFi from Verizon (s vz). Read More about Nancy’s Plans for 2010: A Year of Projects

10-cell battery for EEE PC 901- function over form

When you take a look at the new 10-cell battery for the EEE PC 901 you should go back and also take a look at Kevin’s post about form over function on netbooks.  That certainly applies to this battery which is the biggest honking battery you’ll ever see on a netbook.  Sure, this battery will provide 10 – 14 hours of battery life but at what cost in form?  I still wish that OEMs would offer cheap extra batteries for netbooks which makes a lot more sense to me.  Just throw an extra one in your bag and be done with it.  Or, carry a battery like this attached to your netbook and show the world how strong your arms are.  Defeats the purpose of a lightweight netbook if you ask me.


(via jkkmobile)