10 Green Tech Gift Ideas for Black Friday

Sure, buying stuff isn’t exactly good for the environment — all products take energy to make and ship and, thus, contribute to carbon emissions — but Black Friday is upon us, and we’ve decided to put together an Earth2Tech slant on the annual holiday gift guide. These gifts range from gadgets that are super energy-efficient or use clean power, to technology that can help you reduce your home energy consumption, to digital goods that you probably didn’t know were helping reduce carbon emissions. Here are 10 greentech gifts from the Earth2Tech crew:
1. The Energy Detective enabled by Google’s PowerMeter: Alas, the first wave of The Energy Detectives that connect to Google (s GOOG) home energy management tool PowerMeter sold out almost immediately, explained Google’s Ed Lu at the GreenBeat conference this week. That’s not surprising because Energy Inc., maker of The Energy Detective, was the first device partner for PowerMeter. But we’re hoping that The Energy Detective 5000 (PowerMeter-enabled) will be more available closer to the Xmas season. It costs around $200 (up to $300 with additional features), can be bought online here, and requires an electrician to install.
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