Back from the dead, Hotmail plots its reincarnation

Microsoft sees the torrent of email newsletters and daily deal updates as an opportunity to differentiate its Hotmail service by providing a host of new tools to help manage this “gray mail,” part of an ongoing attempt to make Hotmail more competitive against Gmail.

Microsoft Lets Hotmail Turns Select E-mails Into Apps

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in Hotmail that creates interactive e-mails that bring the Web into messages. The update allows companies to send e-mails that allow users to fill out forms and conducts searches without having to leave Hotmail.

Hotmail Users to Get Native Mobile Phone Syncing

Microsoft will enable Exchange Active Sync (EAS) connections for mobile phones on Aug. 30. Active Sync support has been available on many mobile phone platforms for some time, but this will be the first time native Hotmail support comes to Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile platform.