New HP CEO, new plan: It’s keeping the PC biz after all

Sorry Dell, Lenovo and Acer: HP’s not abandoning the PC business after all. The world’s largest maker of PCs announced moments ago that after thinking long and hard about it, they’re going to keep on making computers after all.

HP: Leo’s out, but his strategy remains

Hewlett-Packard canned CEO Leo Apotheker because of miscommunications and lack of teamwork, not because of his grand enterprise software-and-cloud strategy for the IT giant, said Ray Lane, newly minted executive board chairman for HP. Both he and new CEO Meg Whitman back Apotheker’s strategy. For now.

Samsung: We’re not buying HP’s PC biz

So, that personal computer business that HP doesn’t want anymore? The one with the largest market share in the world? Samsung isn’t interested either. The company attempted to put an end to rumors it was considering taking over HP’s laptop and desktop unit on its blog.

HP’s Todd Bradley on WebOS, PC business

Todd Bradley, EVP of the personal systems group at Hewlett-Packard talks to Bloomberg TV about the future of HP’s PC business that brings in more than $40 billion a year. He also makes no bones about his desire to keep running it.

Why there are no buyers for HP’s PC biz

It was shocking enough to learn last week that HP wants out of the PC business. But it was somewhat surprising HP told investors before finding a buyer. The likely reason? There’s really no one in a position to take it off their hands.

Why HP is betting the farm on Autonomy

Hewlett-Packard plans to spend some $10.25 billion to acquire Autonomy, the United Kingdom–based software and services company. HP’s balance sheet currently has $13 billion in cash. Why is the company making such a big bet? According to HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker, it’s now or never.

The end of the PC era

For nearly 30 years, personal computers as we’ve known them have been the drivers of the technology engine, from Intel to Microsoft to Dell to HP. But the rise of mobile computing is upending the technology business and redefining the PC and how we use it.

Apple’s tablet rule more secure as HP drops webOS hardware

One of Apple’s tablet challengers, one that many initially thought might eventually become a force to be reckoned with, revealed Thursday that it would be leaving the field. HP will stop making webOS tablets or smartphones, which takes one potential iPad competitor out of the equation.

Hewlett-Packard gives up on webOS

Just months after introducing what looked to be one of the most promising challengers to the iPad, Hewlett-Packard said it is getting out of the webOS business and discontinuing its Touchpad and webOS phones. The company is now looking to “optimize” the value of webOS.

HP’s reported $10B bet on big data

Bloomberg is reporting that HP plans to announce a $10 billion deal to buy Autonomy, a U.K. based software company that has bought up a variety of assets over the years to create an unstructured data storage and analyzing powerhouse.