For our sensor heavy future, IBM cooks up a new silicon brain

After a century of making tabulation machines IBM has come up with a new chip that marries our brain’s architecture with silicon guts. The goal is to create a new style of computing aimed at making sense of big data without consuming a lot of power.

What to Read This Weekend: How Nielsen Works

Ever wondered how shows like Venture Bros can survive on TV? iO9 has the answer, and it may surprise you: The blog has taken an in-depth look at the Nielsen ratings system, including statements from a former Nielsen family member and a look at future trends.

Obama Budget Spells Benefits for the Cloud

In President Obama’s budget announced yesterday, the feds may have opened a window of opportunity for cloud computing companies large and small hoping for some government largess. The federal budget hopes to increase spending on IT in 2011 by 1.2 percent to $79.4 billion.

How AT&T May Limit Your Mobile Data

Mobile operators are overwhelmed by data usage on their networks, but rightly fear that implementing restrictions could lead to widespread public dissent. Instead of beating bandwidth hogs with a stick, perhaps they can offer a carrot to get them to take it easy on the network.

Telcos Eye the Cloud

The TM Forum, a standards organization that’s active in the service provider community, is developing standards for cloud best practices and interoperability — a move that could move cloud providers out of the realm of offering cheap infrastructure for startups and into providing enterprise-class services.

Green Computing Needs a Data Center Whisperer

[qi:gigaom_icon_hardware] As compute demand increases, demand for power in data centers is soaring. To help IT professionals halt the spread of watt-consuming servers, the industry needs to develop software that can communicate the ways in which the various layers of the data center perform and interact. They need a binary version of Cesar Millan — a data center whisperer.

Speaking at a panel held Wednesday night in Austin, Texas, several folks from the large server shops and a distinguished engineer who runs a data center for IBM (s ibm) spoke about the challenges of keeping power consumption down in a world where computing demand is going up. (For a truly in-depth look at this topic, check out our GigaOM Pro report — subscription required.) The panel went beyond just power and cooling (thank goodness) to focus on how companies are increasingly viewing power consumption in the data center as a whole, rather than merely as the sum of of the data center’s processors. Read More about Green Computing Needs a Data Center Whisperer

With Video Conferencing Deals, Polycom in Sharp Focus

robert_c_hagerty.jpgFirst Cisco Systems (s CSCO) decided to buy Norwegian video conferencing equipment maker Tandberg for about $3 billion. This week, Logitech, a Swiss computer peripherals maker, acquired LifeSize, an Austin, Texas-based private company, for about $405 million in cash. The two deals have brought the fast-growing but often-overlooked video conferencing market into sharp focus. And that is good news for Polycom, a Pleasanton, Calif.-based conferencing equipment maker, CEO Bob Hagerty boasts. Here is why: Read More about With Video Conferencing Deals, Polycom in Sharp Focus