Crap Alert: BlockBuster SpinOff

When no private buyers, buy-out guys or vulture investors want to buy a company, it is a clear sign that it is nothing but a piece of crap. Same holds for BlockBuster, the once fabled Video Rental chain, which is facing hard times. Viacom has decided to spin-off this crapola and let the unsuspecting masses take their lumps. “Viacom, which realized 22.5 percent of its $19.1 billion in revenue and 12 percent of its $4.4 billion in cash flow from Blockbuster in the first nine months of 2003,” reports the New York Times. I am not sure if anyone is aware of this (now that all of us rent our movies from Netflix) but BlockBuster has now started selling used DVD and Video Games. Oh how desperate have we gotten. Titanic anyone?