Nexus 4 changing from “sold out” to “available” in US

If you missed out on the first run of Nexus 4 smartphones from Google, you get a second chance on Tuesday, provided you live in the U.S. Google notified potential customers of new stock available, but still needs to improve the direct to consumer buying experience.

T-Mobile makes three more cities iPhone-friendly with 4G

Live in Washington, DC; Baltimore or Houston? If so, you have something common with folks in Kansas City and Las Vegas: Your unlocked iPhone or other AT&T smartphone can now run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network instead of the carriers old 2G network.

Sprint adds bite-sized 3G, 4G tablet plans with no activation fees

Following an investor call where it reported another loss on $8.7 billion in revenues, Sprint announced a special-offer on smaller tablet plans to help retain customers. New 100 MB and 1 GB tablet plan start next month for $10 and $15 respectively, with no activation fee.

T-Mobile’s Las Vegas network is officially iPhone ready

T-Mobile is now ready to start marketing its HSPA+ service to unlocked iPhone owners in one city, though T-Mobile’s CTO said more will quickly follow. Previously iPhone users could connect to T-Mobile at mere 2G speeds. Now they have a 42 Mbps network at their disposal.

First look at T-Mobile’s speedy Galaxy Note

It’s here! Samsung’s Galaxy Note has arrived for those wanting a T-Mobile version and it looks to be worth the wait. This video look shows Android 4.0.4, the S-Pen and an overall size comparison between the Note, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 tablet.

What impact will LTE add to RIM’s PlayBook? (Hint: Zip)

Research In Motion is reportedly prepping an LTE PlayBook tablet for at least one Canadian network but it’s unlikely to boost tablet sales. Instead, the company should be focused on getting its new OS on phones sooner or improving the tablet in other ways.

Why is T-Mobile getting the Galaxy Note? 77% want a big phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the 5.3-inch smartphone (or is it a tablet?) will launch for T-Mobile’s U.S. network in the coming weeks, according to the company, which says 77 percent out of 1,031 surveyed U.S. smartphone owners want a device with a 4.5-inch or larger display.