Toshiba’s 7-inch Thrive on sale, but not at the right price

Toshiba’s 7-inch tablet is already available for purchase if you know where to look: One reseller is offering the smaller Thrive. But the $450 price has to include some large markup; here’s why I suspect Toshiba Thrive will see an official price of around $299.

Android This Week: Google Wallet; Smarter Keyboard; Flyer Lands

Google Wallet debuted this week for Sprint customers owning the Nexus S handset while the smartest Android keyboard, SwiftKey, gains intelligence and better word prediction, thanks to the cloud. HTC’s Flyer found its way to my desk and first impressions are favorable, as you can see.

VIDEO: First Look at the HTC Flyer Android Tablet

HTC’s Flyer recently landed in stores for $499. In this early look, you can see the hardware and the customized HTC Sense software, which is both good and bad. And in a video first, I actually test if the device fits in my back pants pocket.

No Market for 7-Inch Tablets? News Begs to Differ

I’m either an early adopter or niche gadget lover with my 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab: People still tell me daily there’s no market for such a device. News from three different manufacturers says otherwise as new devices are planned; some with Google Android Honeycomb 3.0.

HTC Flyer Android Tablet Comes With a Pen. That’s a Problem.

HTC today announced the Flyer, a 7-inch, 1.5 GHz tablet that runs Google Android 2.4 with a customized HTC Sense user interface. Most intriguing is the inclusion of a digital pen for taking notes, but that’s going to be a problem. Here’s why.