Enable CSS3 Support for CSSEdit

Chances are if you do any kind of front-end web development on a Mac you’ve heard about CSSEdit, a very popular tool for editing .css files in OS X. I use CSSEdit pretty much all day long at my day job and while I absolutely love it and have a hard time imagining doing my job without it, its lack of support for all the new CSS3 properties is becoming more and more problematic.

Unfortunately, the good folks at MacRabbit who make CSSEdit have had their hands full lately. They just shipped a new update to their all-in-one web development app Espresso and apparently haven’t been able to get around to updating CSSEdit with full support for CSS3 yet. Lucky for us though, @andyford is on the case and has come up with this great “hack” for customizing the AutoCompletion.plist file in CSSEdit to include CSS3 syntax. Read More about Enable CSS3 Support for CSSEdit

How-To: Create Custom CSS Email Signatures on the iPhone

iPhone Mail IconPreviously, I discussed how to create custom CSS email signatures for Mail in Mac OS X. This week, we’re going to look at what it takes to replicate the same signature on your iPhone.

What You Will Need

  • Your Mac
  • Your iPhone (it needs to be jailbroken)
  • PlistEdit Pro (or another application capable of editing plists)
  • Coda (or another application for editing HTML)

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How-To: Getting More From Mail With HTML Signatures

Mail Icon

As any person who frequently uses email will tell you, email signatures are very important as they usually provide more information than just a standard name and email address from the sender. You can spice up an email signature since Mail offers support for HTML signatures. If you are fairly comfortable with getting your feet wet with HTML & CSS, they are a snap to create. Read on for how you can make one!

A Note on iPhone Support

This how-to is written specifically for Apple’s Mail in OS X. Also, these signatures will display on an iPhone, but currently there is no method (aside from jailbreaking) to support these signatures on outgoing emails originating from an iPhone. Depending on the amount of content in your email signature, you may need to further tweak the CSS to get something that looks the way you want it to. For those who have already jailbroken their phone, look forward to an upcoming article on how to accomplish these signatures on your iPhone. Read More about How-To: Getting More From Mail With HTML Signatures

Mineful: A Quick Way to Make Those Feedback Forms

mineful3In what could only be seen as a coincidence, I recently stumbled upon a brand-new web app for creating surveys and questionnaires. It’s coincidental because I’d just finished writing an article about how to create a feedback form for freelance workers to use to evaluate the success of a project. In that article, I suggested Adobe PDF forms (adbe) or HTML as possible formats for your feedback survey, but Mineful presents yet another alternative.

Like Wufoo and SurveyMonkey, Mineful provides an easy way to generate online forms and surveys. First things first: Mineful’s interface might turn off some users. It’s meant to resemble a Windows (s msft) desktop. I’m not thrilled about it, either, but the last thing I want to do is throw the baby out with the bath water. So I figured I’d better check out Mineful’s function before I condemn it based on form.

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3 Key Web Working Skills to Develop in 2009

Targeting your professional development in a preemptive rather than reactive way, is not always easy. Usually freelancers and consultants just roll with the punches and learn what they have to depending on client requirements. A little forethought, though, can go a long way to making you the applicant of choice before any contracts are awarded.

Tales From the Command Line: textutil

I really enjoy the overall experience reading books and articles on my Sony PRS-500 eBook reader, but dislike having to fire up Boot Camp or VMware into Windows in order to purchase books from the Sony eBook Store, especially when there are thousands of books in the public domain and tons of blog and article content on the internets for free.

The problem lies with getting this information onto said device. to make my life easier, I use a utility that first appeared in OS X 10.4 called textutil. As you will see, the utility of this small tool goes far beyond formatting content for eBook readers. As always, fire up Terminal.app and have it ready to roll as we delve once again down to the command line.
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Yahoo Counters Google’s Mobile Onslaught With Voice

yhoo.jpg Yahoo, with the second generation of its oneSearch product, has thrown down the gauntlet in the mobile search wars. Whereas Google employed a clean and easy-to-use interface to win over the desktop space, Yahoo is trying to make gains in the mobile space by taking a different approach: voice.

The more time I spend with my mobile, the more I realize what a godawful pain it is — even with a QWERTY keyboard — to type. Anything that would make the process less time-consuming (and free up my hands) is welcome, and is precisely the reason I use voice services such as Jott and Goog-411.
So using voice (powered by Vlingo) for oneSearch is a compelling proposition.

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