The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast.

The tech industry’s movers and shakers have been saying for months now that the HTML5 mark-up language is very important. New research data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast.

H.264 is still winning the codec war

H.264 remains the dominant force in online video, as the video codec now accounts for more than two-thirds of online video, according to a blog post by MeFeedia. Meanwhile, Google’s WebM format has yet to gain any significant traction after being released a year ago.

HTML 5 video outperforms Flash on mobile devices

New benchmark tests confirm what we have long suspected: Flash video on mobile devices just doesn’t look as good as HTML5 video, especially when it comes to HD clips. Support for hardware acceleration could alleviate most of these issues, but not for every user.

Are Plug-ins the Future of Web Video?

Microsoft reiterated its support behind H.264-encoded video this morning, announcing that it is releasing plugins to deliver video in that format to Firefox and Chrome browsers. But while they might quell some short-term concerns about delivering HTML5 video, plug-ins won’t solve the larger problems facing the industry.

Netflix Embraces HTML5 Video, But Not the Apple Way

Netflix is all for HTML5 video, but it doesn’t want to simply reinvent the wheel and push forward with its own flavor of browser-based video delivery technologies. The company said today that it’s instead getting involved in standards bodies to resolve remaining obstacles across all platforms.