Freevo media center developer calls it quits

The developer of Freevo, a pioneering media center app for Linux, Windows(s msft) and OS X(s aapl), announced that the app won’t receive any future updates. Freevo, which was first released in 2002, combined DVR and media playback capabilities for home theater PCs. Freevo’s developer wrote Monday on a mailing list that Freevo has been surpassed by other technologies including the media center competitor XBMC and Google’s (S GOOG) Chromecast.

Hillcrest Labs open sources Kylo TV browser

Hillcrest Labs’ Kylo browser for TV viewing on home theater PCs is going open source: The company released the source code for the browser under the Mozilla Public License, hoping that others will pick up some of the development of the TV-optimized browser platform.

Cord Cutters: Plex adds DLNA support

Good news for Plex users: The next version of the company’s media center server software will have support for DLNA devices, which brings Plex to the PS3, connected TVs and a bunch of other devices. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for an exclusive preview.

Plex gets Windows client, cloud service, media sharing

Plex, the media center solution of choice for many home theater PC fans, just received a massive update this weekend that makes it easier to access your and your friends’ media collection on your Android or iOS handset. The app is now also available for Windows.

Tips for Mac Cord Cutters Using Notebooks

Earlier, I wrote about cutting the cord using Apple devices. In the section on using a Mac, I focused on general advice applicable to all machines, but here are a few tips tailored specifically to the unique challenges faced by those using Apple notebooks specifically.

Whither Apple TV?


Three years after the “DVD player for the 21st century” was first introduced by Steve Jobs, the Apple TV still doesn’t actually have a DVD player, and doesn’t actually have much of anything, at least compared to the competition. Apple’s (s aapl) media center device languishes as little more than a video kiosk for the iTunes Store in the living room. Meanwhile, competitors in the media center market stream the future to couch potatoes everywhere.

Boxee is just the latest example of that future. NewTeeVee reports the startup behind the media center software has just received $6 million in venture capital. This brings total investment to $10 million in less than a year.
According to CEO Avner Ronen, the company has recently seen “increased pace from the biz dev side.” Translated from marketing speak, that means consumer electronics devices want Boxee. The company plans to nearly double its staff off 11 to bring more content and more apps to Boxee. When a company with 20 people is handily beating Apple in the race to the living room, it begs the question: whither Apple TV? Read More about Whither Apple TV?

At Home With the New Mac Mini: My Setup and Impressions


I recently received my brand new Mac mini in the mail, and, as it always is when I get a package from Apple (s aapl), it was a joyous occasion. For once, I didn’t have to find someplace to cram a huge box, since the packaging is size-appropriate for such a small desktop.

My afternoon the day it arrived was spent going through the extremely satisfying computer-lover’s ritual of setting up a new machine. I didn’t do an automatic set-up using one of my existing machines, because the mini was going to be used primarily as an HTPC, and as such I wanted it specially tailored for such a narrow focus. I wanted to devote as much of the 4 GB of RAM, 2.26GHz processor, and 120 GB HD to media playback as was possible, so I skipped a lot of my usual software installs and went with the basics. Read More about At Home With the New Mac Mini: My Setup and Impressions

A TV-Connected Computer Makes Me More Productive. No, Really.

My first thought was that this would be a productivity killer, since it makes my TV and home theater in general that much more distracting.

But I actually find I can more easily keep up with a steady flow of information thanks to having a net-connected desktop constantly attached to my television, in addition to having another laptop or desktop (in this case, my MacBook or iMac) as my primary workhorse machine.