Torch heads for Berlin to fire up those elusive exits

The investment bank Torch Partners, which has played a part in the growth of companies such as Huddle, OnApp and Just Eat, says it is attracted to Berlin partly by the B2B scene that’s quietly bubbling away there.

Spooky In-Q-Tel takes a stake in Cloudant

In-Q-Tel, a somewhat mysterious company, takes an undisclosed stake in Cloudant, the developer of a NoSQL-based data layer as a service. IQT’s blessing can help companies get their technologies deployed in government agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

Shhhh, Huddle gets funding from CIA-backed In-Q-Tel

In-Q-Tel which finds and vets strategic technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has given a boost (and some money) to Huddle, the UK provider of cloud collaboration services. Together they”re working on a version for use by US government entities.

Skype’s present is secure, its future is not

So by all counts, Skype is doing fine under Microsoft ownership. The software giant has kept its paws off the baby. However, the current success isn’t enough to mask the fact that Skype is facing increased competition from upstarts looking eat into our attention to Skype.

Huddle goes all Dropbox on users with new Sync service

Cloud collaboration software company Huddle is launching a new sync option for its hundreds of thousands of business users — centered on a smart matching algorithm that makes sure you only get the files you need

Huddle tries to reel in big fish with unlimited deal

Cloud collaboration service Huddle is targeting huge corporate customers, bringing them a new tier of service that allows an unlimited number of users for no extra charge. Can it help win new business and take on the industry’s biggest beasts?

Buffer gets $400K funding — and tells exactly how they did it

Every day, it seems like there’s another bland press release about startup seed funding. So when Buffer closed on $400,000, it wanted to announce it differently — by explaining exactly how the process happened. It’s a fun read, and a good lesson for other startup founders.

GigaOM Euro 20: Ones to watch

There are hundreds of promising European startups that lie just below the surface of success waiting to break out. For our second installment of GigaOM’s Euro 20, we chose five of these. Here are the ones to watch.