Good news for Hulu Plus subscribers: Hulu CEO is considering running fewer ads

Think there are too many ads on Hulu Plus? You’re not alone: Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins is considering reducing the ad load on Hulu’s paid subscription tier, according to a New York Post report. Hulu has been showing users more than 80 ads per month, compared to 32 on YouTube, according to the Post. Of course, paying Netflix subscribers don’t have to endure any ads — but it’s unlikely Hulu would go that far any time soon: The service just launched in-app subscriptions for its iPhone app, making it even more dependent on advertising for paying users.

Hulu gets more kids content, including Sesame Street in English and Spanish

Hola, Elmo: Hulu added a number of new shows to its Hulu Plus kids section Thursday, including episodes of the Sesame Street in English and Spanish, as well as shows like Strawberry Shortcake, Bob the Builder, Bratz and Angelina Ballerina. All of the content is on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that you’ll likely recognize much of it from Netflix (s NFLX) — but it’s nonetheless interesting that Hulu is continuing to invest in kids content, which seems to be working well for all online services. And adding Spanish-language titles to the mix is an interesting twist. Hulu launched its Latino offering in late 2011, and has since struck a number of deals to get content for its Spanish-speaking audience.

Fox exec Mike Hopkins officially named Hulu CEO

Fox executive Mike Hopkins, who had been considered the frontrunner for the Hulu CEO position, was officially named to it Thursday. Hulu says its revenues will be close to $1 billion in 2013, but co-owners Disney and News Corp have argued over the future of the service.

Will Hulu offer an ad-free subscription tier?

Hulu has long insisted that it is less like Netflix and more like cable, giving viewers the option to watch current shows, but also showing them ads, even if they pay for the company’s Hulu Plus subscription service. But the company may be introducing an ad-free tier in the future: Hulu’s interim CEO Andy Forssell said at a Goldman Sachs conference this week that Hulu may give viewers an option to pay more for an ad-free experience, according to a Variety report. How much more are we talking? According to the report, Hulu generates about $7 of ad revenue for every Hulu PLus subscriber.