Hulu Plus Is Coming to Roku

Roku users will soon be able to access Hulu Plus on their devices, if recent changes to the web site are any indicator. The site already features a partner page for Hulu, boasting that Hulu PLus is easy to set up on Roku’s boxes.

Could Cheap iTunes Rentals Change Television Online?

During today’s press event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the iTunes store has sold 450 million TV episodes. How will its newly announced 99 cent rental program change the marketplace, especially with Hulu Plus around? It depends what’s on offer.

Video: Hulu Plus on the PS3 Walkthrough and Review

The Sony PlayStation3 didn’t offer any real advantages over other gaming devices or set-top boxes until it got dibs on Hulu Plus, making the PS3 the first console able to stream Hulu to the TV. But what’s the user experience actually like?

Hulu Plus on the PS3: Less Content Than on the Web

Playstation users wanting to give Hulu Plus a try have to pay for a Playstation Plus subscription as well as a Hulu Plus membership — but they still won’t be able to access as much content as users of the web version, thanks to licensing issues.

Reviewers Love Hulu Plus, But Will Anyone Pay for It?

Hulu’s subscription service has finally arrived in an invite-only beta, and a number of news sites have gotten early access to the service, which means the early reviews are in. The response has generally been positive, but is it positive enough for people to pay?