Is Hulu Plus Another Nail in the DVD Coffin?

Some see Hulu Plus as a potential Netflix killer, or even a cable TV killer — but the business that Hulu Plus is most likely to affect, at least in the near term, is the market for full-season collections of TV show DVDs.

Video Walkthrough: Hulu Plus on the iPad

Hulu Plus on the iPad is nice – if you get it to work. We noticed some serious latency issues that turned watching TV show episodes through the app a test of our patience. However, once you get it to work, you’re rewarded with great-looking video.

Vid-Biz: Hulu CEO, WMG and MTV, Netflix on Android

Today on the Net: Hulu CEO Jason Kilar says the company’s new subscription service is not meant to replace cable services, Warner Music Group taps MTV to sell video ads across its sites and third-party sites and Netflix has a job listing for an Android developer.

Hulu Plus Subscription Service Launches, Includes iPad & iPhone App

The TV-on-the-web service, Hulu, is now offering a free iPhone & iPad app for Hulu Plus, its recently launched subscription service (currently in private beta). Though the service itself is in private beta, the iPhone/iPad app is available right now for download.

Hulu Plus vs. Netflix Instant: Who Has the Advantage?

While Netflix might have a head start when it comes to cross-platform development and building a subscriber base, comparing the shows that will be available on Hulu Plus upon launch shows that the new subscription service has a huge advantage.

Hulu Ready to Take on Netflix for CE Device Domination

Netflix has dominated the consumer electronics market with its $9-a-month streaming subscription service, but it could get some competition, as Hulu’s subscription TV service will be available across many of the same CE platforms that have helped drive adoption of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service.

Hulu Launches ‘Plus’ Subscription Service

Hulu has officially announced its long-awaited premium subscription service, giving users access to more shows and a wider range of content that they’ll be able to watch on multiple consumer electronics devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

Hulu Plus Coming to iPad, Xbox & Playstation Next Week?

Hulu’s paid subscription service has been in the works for months, and the site is reportedly ready to roll it out to a limited number of users next week. Part of the $9.95 offering could be an iPad app as well as support for game consoles.